Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ruffled Feathers

Leaves falling from midnight trees
Like lovers taking their lives
Silently, without a soul watching
Left decaying of the cold, wet ground

Trees then standing naked and exposed
Against the cruel touch of the elements
Victims to the exposure of their modesty
Unable to defend what nature sees

Flowers that give up to the coming Winter
To shrivel and die without a thought
As frost comes after them like a demented slayer
Stripping them of the beauty they once held

Birds come in search for scraps of food
On a frozen ground that refuses to yield
Hungry for the smallest morsel laying there
Icy breeze flows through ruffled feathers

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Daggers In The Rain: Bryon And Holly

The rain falls like daggers
My mortal soul staggers
Washed in this darkness
Trapped in a void so endless

My eyes refuse to see the light
Only demons gnaw at my sight
For who can come to rescue me?
Make complete a soul so empty

I am here if you call my name
Let me be the one to take the blame
Show me how I can start to begin
Please trust me and let me in

You never need to face it alone
Do not suffer these arrows on your own
Come and hold my hand, there is nothing to fear
I want you to know I am always going to be here

copyright Chris Smith 2011 (based on the story Beautiful Words as seen on

My Torment

If you knew my story
Of the things I have to tell
Then your soul would hurt
And suffer the untold torture
To feel the suffering deep inside

Everyday becomes one of the same
Like a crack'd mirror showing scars
A reflection that I can never bear
That is a witness, nay it is a warning
Of the man I once was so long ago

I have been stripped down to raw bones
Bleeding inside, a gaping hole is left
From whence my heart used to beat
Alas, I fear it leaves me feeling so cold
Even though I still feel the fires of Hell


copyright Chris Smith (under the alias Phantom)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Standing In The Dark

Standing in the dark
Living with my void
Afraid of the mirror
Of all it destroyed

Crying in my shadows
Stinging tears of pain
Flowing down my face
Time and time once again

Trying hard to understand
The bleakness of my day
Uncertain of why this life
Decided they had to take her away

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Written under the alias "Phantom"
Chris Smith 2011