Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Tears

Can you hear the jingle of bells?
Hear the blessings and the noels
Reaching out with joy for all
In homes everywhere, presents in the hall
Still there is another side we never see
Those neglected children, with stockings empty
Many are in places they should never be
All too many, homeless, too true sadly
So spare a thought for children so needy

Tiny boys and girls that are too hungry
Each of us will celebrate, and never know
Anything about young tears that grow
Remember your young ones, safe and protected
Sadly, there are young children rejected

copyright Chris Smith Xmas day 2010

There is always another side to Christmas we never see.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Made For Love

Bring together two people
Connected through all time
Destinied to one day meet
To come together as one

Separate lives full of pain
Both have faced heartache
Been broken and forgotten
Cast out by those from before

An accident brings them together
In the same place at the same time
A polite word spoken with shyness
And a smile given, they leave apart

He wonders what she is doing tonight
Wishing he had shared his number
She thinks of him in her dreams
Wondering where he comes from

Once again they meet, by chance
This time he asks her for dinner
Years on they still remember
How they were made for love

copyright Chris Smith 23rd December 2010

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Liquid Skies

Liquid skies come washing down
Sheltering under rainbow bridges
Diamond rain drops hit the ground
Golden umbrellas by sea blue ridges

Sun beams dance across the sky
Making the giant oak crack a smile
Little ants play in the purple grass
They walk an inch or a mile

A little pink bird sings her song
For the listening flowers to hear
The moon salutes the silver clouds
As the stars secretly begin to appear

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Running To Nowhere

Silent runner across midnight sands
The moon glows with silvery strands
Spreading to touch the crashing waves
On a sea of a million sailors graves

Now washing the footprints away
As he runs towards the city
Never daring to run in light of day
Going nowhere with strange oddity

Now heading down empty streets
With black corners of the night
Never fearing those he meets
People who are afraid of the light

No one asks where is he going to
Because no one knows he is there
A lonely highway he runs onto
Heading off into the middle of nowhere

copyright Chris Smith 21st December 2010

Between A Wall And A Bottle

Come, sit at this table
Share a drink with me
And I will tell you my tale
Of how I came to be here

That's it, fill up your glass
The whiskey burns at first
But you get used to the taste
Funny, it never blocks the pain

I fell in love, with a maiden beauty
We gave in to our own hearts
Never knowing we would fall in love
Never knowing we would lose our souls

She gave me everything, gave me her heart
But, I fear, I left her with pain and torment
Why?, because I could not surrender to her
I was unable to escape from my own wall

Let me explain, please have another glass
We build emotional walls to hide behind
Believing we can knock them down
Alas, the higher the wall, we are trapped

I left her trying to reach me over mine
This damned wall wouldn't let me free
So, I fear, she has left me alone
Trapped between a wall and a bottle

Never let yourself be blocked in, my friend
Or you will suffer forever just like me
Go home, tell her how much you love her
And knock your damned wall down

copyright Chris Smith December 21st 2010

Monday, 20 December 2010

I Don't Care

I don't care this World keeps spinning
Turning me around, day after day
It keeps on going, keeps on rotating
It can't take this heartache away

I don't care if the birds keep on singing
Their song means nothing to me
They carry on, always with their song
I hear only a sound, because I am empty

I don't care if the heart is still beating
And the brain still is thinking
They say the body will just stay strong
Well, into misery this body is sinking

I only care I lost my soul, she has gone
Because I couldn't find the right time
The past keeps playing its' old tricks
I am left like the poem without a rhyme

copyright Chris Smith December 20th 2010

Far From Home

She is far away from home
Working hard, tries her best
No time to find what she needs
To allow herself to seek love

A thousands miles from family
She passes the hours, everyday
Never finding time to rest
Being lonely hurts her most

She refuses the offers coming her way
Not wanting just one night of passion
Then facing another empty, cold bed
At least she still believes in dreams

She never asked to be this way
Coming here, working a low wage
But there was no money back home
And she thought things would be better

So the hours pass, going home so alone
A home which is not there in her heart
Because her heart stays in another land
In that place she was born years ago

All she needs is someone to hold her
Show her how special she can be
To be there each night she comes back
To make her feel cherished once more

copyright Chris Smith 2oth December 2010

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Something Is There

Shadows paint slowly across these walls
Like cold fingers that reach out to touch
Creeping like some spectre come calling
As the light seems, slowly to fade away
Seemingly to abandon itself, to the dark

The mind starts to play strange tricks
Was that a sound from somewhere behind?
Could that have been the faintest of whispers?
The shadows have gone, darkest comes calling
The heat of a dead day gives in to the cold night

Somewhere outside, an owl hoots, shivers begin
The stairs creak as if in protest of hours gone
The rain starts, and taps rapidly at the window
Then the wind screams out with a mournful howl
The blankets never seem to keep out that icy embrace

Sleep fails to visit, and the night stills has that fear
Too afraid to attempt to switch on the light
Too scared to stop that groaning door that sways
Imagination is gripping with nightmarish visions
Surely that was not laughter under the bed

But weary eyes take their toll, hours have passed
Nothing has happened, and all seems to be safe
Until the thunder comes crashing down hard
And the lightening flashes like hellish fire
Under the covers, to block out the terror

Peaking out, with the trembling of hands
Something is there, standing in the corner
Within the darkest part of the room
Watching, as if a predator studying prey
This is no fogged impression of a dark dream

But just as quickly as this fiendish entity appeared
Now it is gone, no remainder that it ever had been
That feeling is there, knowing that it had been real
Sleep finally takes you into a dreamless slumber
Morning light has come, the shadows will return

copyright Chris Smith 19th December 2010