Monday, 20 December 2010

Far From Home

She is far away from home
Working hard, tries her best
No time to find what she needs
To allow herself to seek love

A thousands miles from family
She passes the hours, everyday
Never finding time to rest
Being lonely hurts her most

She refuses the offers coming her way
Not wanting just one night of passion
Then facing another empty, cold bed
At least she still believes in dreams

She never asked to be this way
Coming here, working a low wage
But there was no money back home
And she thought things would be better

So the hours pass, going home so alone
A home which is not there in her heart
Because her heart stays in another land
In that place she was born years ago

All she needs is someone to hold her
Show her how special she can be
To be there each night she comes back
To make her feel cherished once more

copyright Chris Smith 2oth December 2010

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