Thursday, 24 February 2011


Sometimes going up
Sometimes going down
When do we have enough
When do we lose our crown

Funny riding the Seesaw
Enjoying our childhood
Never seeing life takes more
Never seeing what our eyes should

Sometimes going high
Sometimes going low
We never reach that sky
Life keeps on getting slow

Funny riding the Seesaw
The only thing we can do
Never certain for sure
What we are going through

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I Am A Broken Man

I am a broken Man
Made of glass, shattered
Pieces of myself found
Like smashed rain drops
Adorning this dusty floor

Do you believe a man can cry?
Weeping of the love he lost
That his soul, now forever damned
Could not take that needed step
To take him in the right direction

That man is a dark, fallen fool
I am he, who fell hard from grace
Never able to find that moment
That passing second, all I needed
But my pitied pride kept me back

So the heart aches, no more say I
Leave me suffering with my demons
Let the broken shards lie where they are
That which once contained true love
That I carelessly dropped from my hands

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Life Is ....

Life is....
What we make it
Not wanting to break it
Some need to forsake it

Life is....
Knowing that I need you
Trying to make it true
Made by everything I do

Life is....
Never what we think
Can drive us to drink
Sometimes into we sink

Life is....
Believing there is something above
When push comes to shove
In the end, life is love

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Monday, 21 February 2011

I Salute You

For all those who feel the pain
Of a tireless job, again and again

I salute you

For all single mothers all alone
Working and aching to the bone

I salute you

For all the soldiers away from family
Risking their life against a common enemy

I salute you

For all the nurses doing the hours godsend
Doing the night shift that never seems to end

I salute you

For the people reading this and relate
Knowing life can sometimes be a desperate state

I salute you

For all of you who find life can be a test
When you are out there and doing your best

I salute you

copyright Chris Smith 2011