Saturday, 27 November 2010

Never Surrender

When times become too much of stress
And you have too many crosses to bear
When you find controlling those demons too hard
And you have too many burdens to share
Do not give up, never surrender

There are times when you feel you are alone
You feel Fate has dealt you a loosing hand
You want to reach for a bottle to drown your sorrows
And you keep looking for which way to turn
Do not give up, never surrender

No one is ever there to see you crying
No one seems to want to dry away those tears
So when you feel you have been long abandoned
And you are finding it too difficult to stay strong
Do not give up, never surrender

There is always another day, a better day
There is always a friend, a very good friend
There is always a time, a time to smile
There is always knowing you are blessed by me
Do not give up, never surrender

copyright Chris Smith 6th December 2009

Never One Tear

The child was only sixteen months old
She had been here for two weeks
Another hospital patient of the Burns Unit
From a home that treated her only neglect
But this little girl never cried a tear

Cigarettes had been used on her little body
For when she cried, they would stub them out
Leaving horrible welts, all over, terrible burns
Both parents used the excuse of being drug addicts
Now this little girl never cried a tear

The nurses have given her a teddy bear
It would always be there in her crib
And the little girl never spoke one word
But they knew that she loved this cuddly toy
Still this little girl never cried a tear

One night a nurse on duty came to visit
The nurse had seen the teddy bear on the floor
This little girl had been too scared to make one sound
And the nurse saw the tears running down her little face
With that little girl, the nurse also cried those tears

I wonder what did happen to that little girl
Did she still grow up to have a good life
A poor small child, another innocent of abuse
But still there are millions like her, out there
Little children that never cry a tear

Based on a true story/ copyright Chris Smith 2010

Never Forget

A little girl, they came and took her
In the morning they found her gone
The shock for her mother shook her
She was crying it was wrong 

They called the boys in blue
The police tried their best
They could not find a clue
Their skills were put to the test 

Three months and the little girl is not found
But there are too many rumours people say
Some say she is buried in the ground
Some say she has been seen far away 

But there is a chance she is alive
No one is going to give up yet
Hope that little girl will survive
Remember her for we must never forget    


For Maddie and every missing child

Never Ever

Never ever
Make her cry

Never ever
Ask her why

Never ever
Just fade away

Never ever
Try to stray

Never ever
Fail to miss

Never ever
Forget to kiss

Never ever
Hit her face

Never ever
A drunkard disgrace

Never ever
Stop loving her

Never ever
Stop being together

Never ever
Tell her lies

Never ever
Blind her eyes

Never ever
Do these things

For ever
Misery it brings

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Never Ending Temptations

I fear to surrender to you
To feel your soft embrace
To share the dark grave
Your seductive cold touch

I need to feel your bite
Feeding on my very life
Tasting from my blood
Draining me of my nectar

Taking me to a darker place
Being reborn to be near you
your skin next to my soul
Lost in both lust and pain

Take from me what you desire
For my body belongs to you
Needing to give in to your want
Never ending temptations

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Never Again Found

Pride before a fall
No one dares to hear the name
Nothing in ashes

Heroes always die
In battles fought in bloodlust
They are forgotten

Books now never read
Pages yellowed neglect
Never opening

Will you hear my cry
Of the times long gone away
Never again found

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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Neva Flores

Never has such a beautiful heart
Ever been beating, never apart
Visions of perfection in a friend
Always there, to care and tend

Few will see, how special you are
Love you give that is felt from afar
Only you, make us alive, make us pure
Relaxing us with words, true and sure
Each time you visit, is a special day
Showing sweet harmony in our own way

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Nearly There

Nearly there
To reach out
And touch you

Nearly there
To kiss your lips
And hold you close

Nearly there
So I can say
That I love you

Nearly there
It won't be long
I am coming home


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Natures' Way

Outside I can hear

The rage of the howling wind

Roaring like an angry Banshee

Screaming deep into the night

Roaring like an uncontrolled beast

Natures' way towards man kind

The rain comes down hard

Striking like stones on the window

Like icy daggers for my soul

But I am safe inside of here

If the rain should strike me

It would be like cold needles in my skin

This storm seems never to be over

It seems to be right on top of here

Like a demon always watching

Ready to come lashing down

To show me this Earths' torment

Of the torture we have done

Can you hear what is natures' way

Of striking back towards us

To try and tell us to finally stop

Before we destroy it all

And there is nothing left

And everything is long gone


copyright Chris Smith 2006

Mystery Man

From out of the corner of her eyes
She can see him standing there
But when she turns to look at him
He is gone as if he never existed

She can feel him holding her from behind
His arms wrapped around her with love
She smiles and she quickly turns around
He is never there when she needs him most

At night she can feel him with her in her bed
But they only seem to make love in her dreams
She wants this man and knows he is somewhere
She will keep looking to find her mystery man

copyright Chris Smith 2010

My Heart Sings

The words may not come for some time

I could not find the words to write

The right words to make rhyme

To make it sound just right

But then I just think of you

And my feelings start to grow

All right out of the blue

The words all begin to flow

And a lot of the love that I feel

That I have deep down inside

Because these feelings are real

Tears of happiness I have cried

I think of you with all my desire

Because of you I find my way

You give me reason to inspire

Each and every day

So thank you for loving me

To help me write the right things

For everything how it can be

So please listen as my heart sings


copyright Chris Smith 2006

My Destiny

I wish you knew how special you are

And everything you mean to me

Because without you my heart would be a scar

And without you my life would be so empty

You share in my every dream

You would be my favourite ice cream

You always star in my romantic book

You are everywhere I can look

So when you can hear my heart beat

And kiss me everytime that we meet

Just know what ever life puts us through

I am so much in love with you

And I know what I feel

That my love is forever real

Loving you is what was meant to be

Because fate brought you to me

You are the light in my eyes

More beautiful than any sun rise

My darling you have set me free

You are my life and my destiny

copyright Chris Smith 2006

My Angel

My Angel up there in the sky
She looks down from up high
I feel her wing's gentle breeze
For caught in her beauty I freeze

She will help in anything that I try
Above me she will always fly
Be it night or be it day
My Angel shall never go away

And to my Angel I will pray
That all my life she will stay
Protect me in whatever may be
Release me and set me free

And when life is getting too much
I will feel my Angel's touch
She will hold me and take away my fear
She will cry for me with a single crystal tear


copyright Chris Smith 1999

Mushroom Coffee

I drank a cup of mushroom coffee
With a friend, now long forgotten
We watched the walls change colour
From red to orange and to yellow
We laughed at the spider with too many eyes

I thought I saw my friend, fixing his van
But in reality, he had wandered upstairs
So I watched the TV and then it spoke
The voice seemed to be talking just to me
And then mister sandman fluttered nearby

My friend decided he wanted to take a walk
I agreed and I knew it was time to go home
And where I was amazed at technicoloured butterflies
My friend jumped away in alarm from the giant frogs
And I never drank a cup of mushroom coffee again


copyright Chris Smith 2010

More Time

There is a time to leave

And a time to grieve

There is a time to love

A time to pray above

And there is time for me

A time for your lover to see

There is a time to cry

And there will come a time to die

And a time to read what I write

A time to have to fight

A time for children to play

Always a time for being with you today

But give me more time tonight my sweet

More time for my heart to beat

That more time to admire you

The time I want to desire you

But time is passing me by

Time always seems to fly

This poem is for all of you out there

All who I desire and admire, take care


copyright Chris Smith 2009

More Than A Kiss

It would take more than a kiss
To ignite these passionate flames
It would take more that a wish
To play these erotic games

It would take more a touch
To send shivers down my spine
It would take far too much
With this desire that is mine

Show a woman now, to me
Willing to satisfy every need
Show me a woman, to see
To plant this growing seed

So i will wait here for you
To whisper secrets to hear
Of the things you want to do
More than a kiss when you are here

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Morbid Curiosity

I would use a razor blade
To put an end to it all
But I can't stand pain

I would use a rope
To hang myself
But I don't like being breathless

I would drown myself
In the deepest water
But I just can't swim

I would jump off a building
Down to my doom
But I'm afraid of heights

I would try tablets
To poison my system
But I don't like their taste

There is one way to be sure
The one way that really works
I'm going to wait for old age


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Moon Walk

When you look up at the stars tonight.

And you see the moon shining down.

Take a little closer look, what do you see?

Because if you believe in Angels up there.

You will see an Angel doing the Moon Walk

R.I.P. Peter Pan of pop MJ.

copyright Chris smith 2009

Moon Light

I was taking a short cut home through the woods, it was raining and the rain cut through me like cold daggers. It was cold and dark and usually I would never have been this brave during the witching hour but this was the quickest way home.

There was an old legend that wolves roamed here but they had been extinct for hundreds of years, people would say they could hear the howls during the cycle of the moon, it was a full moon tonight but I heard nothing. I only could hear the damned rain in the trees.

"Hello" came a woman's voice and I jumped around, it startled me and I had not expected it. She had long black hair, that went down her back to the base of her spine, her eyes were green and they seemed to shine as the moon touched them. She was naked and the rain poured down her body and I was entranced by her beauty.

She smiled and she beckoned me to her, I could not resist and could feel myself being aroused by watching her, I approached her and she leaned back against a tree, the rain sliding down the well formed breasts.

She kissed me and I felt her hands undo my trousers and they fell to the ground, she pulled off my shirt and the cold rain didn't seem to matter as it splashed on my skin. My shorts were pulled down and I had to touch her breasts and I felt them respond to my hands.

I entered her and she bit my shoulder hard, drawing blood but I just ignored it and our love making against the tree began one of fury and lust. I felt myself give in to her that my heat thrust hard inside her and then she pushed me back. She smiled at me and walked away into the woods. I dressed and swore I could hear a howl.

Now time has passed and once again I am here in the woods and the heat burns me, I have to be naked and I feel the new moon touch my skin and then the pain begins and I change. My legs buckle and change shape, my face is in agony as I grow a snout and fangs grow within my mouth. Black fur engulfs my body and all that is left of my human self is my mind, when she bit me she made me the same as her.

I give in and I howl at the moon above and my she wolf responds and I see her, she chose me as her mate and I can not resist. We keep from the eyes of man and hunt rabbits and small animals, if you look cafefully into the moon light of these woods you will see two wolves running free.

copyright Chris smith 2009


Why does this life

Cut me like a knife

Cutting into me

Causing pain and misery

Thoughts in my head

Make me wish I was dead

It so very very deep

My tears I weep

What should I do

Shall I turn to you


copyright Chris smith 1997

Mind Fever

Looking out on darkened nights, I saw nonsense

And nonsense came and saluted me

Expressions were falling like pointless snow

Emotions appeared and flowed on a blood red sea

Feelings of sanity screamed and took my hand

The demons in my head played games with my brain

Everything smiled for there was nothing to show

And words collided together to cause a war

I was left alone with a mass of a million souls

A bleeding heart festered in its' own decay

No one could reach what I had to say

No one understood when everything seemed clear

The madness came grinning and danced at my door

A raven tried to analyse my sheltered dormain

Forgotten thoughts left alone in floating graves

Rain clouds cooling a blistered mind


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Midnight Hearts

He comes to her, this night
An invitation to find her
To explore what they will discover
Inside both of their midnight hearts

She awaits for him in satin sheets
Naked for his touch as he approaches
Wanting to feel his gentle kisses
The sensual lips travelling on her skin

Her joins her, his flesh against hers
Tasting the sweetness of her neck
Knowing a love not felt in many years
For this woman, he would die again for

His desire is moving in time with hers
The increasing moments of their lust
Exploding together, feeling as one
Joining in union of that sensation of need

Before the dawn will rise he will be gone
For a vampire always will fear sunlight
She will wait for him until night falls again
Then they will love once more, these midnight hearts

copyright Chris Smith 2010


She is only known as Midnight
She visits me only by twilight
I open my eyes and she is there
By my window with her red hair

She comes to my side and undresses
Kisses my eyes with her sweet carresses
And as I feel my desire wanting more
I can feel her hands starting to explore

She slides over me without a sound
Smiles at me for what her hands have found
And then I feel my heart start to race
As she takes me inside her warm embrace

Above me she moves with slow temptation
And she moves now with quick expectation
At last she cries out with a passion of fire
Controlling speed and deep movements of desire

At last she feels me reaching the moment to overload
Reaches down and holds me tight as I start to explode
Arises from the bed and dresses by candle light
I blink once and she has gone, the lady called Midnight

copyright Chris Smith 18th November 2009

Midnight Flies

Black is the night
There is no light
No stars in the sky
Only shadows passing by
You better close your eyes
Whenever midnight flies

Hungry for blood come the bats
Feasting for flesh come the rats
Dead eyes are watching you
You know not what to do
You better close your eyes
Whenever midnight flies

Dark is the witching hour
Dark comes the power
Spell casters begin to come
Beware the magic of some
You better close your eyes
Whenever midnight flies

Goblin riders strike like fire
The darkness is spreading higher
Demons are cackling and grinning
They come for those that are sinning
So now you better close your eyes
This is the time midnight flies


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Friday, 26 November 2010


Farewell to you, Michael.

You lived your life as a thriller.

You raised above the accusations.

Proved that you could beat it.

You were a talented star.

Millions adored you, black or white.

The media always shadowed your reflection.

When you were the man in the mirror.

You always had the songs to sing.

You always had words to say, say, say.

No matter what they put you through.

We would never see you scream.

In Heaven now you sing for Angels.

They can now hear your earth song.

In memory of the talented Michael Jackson

copyright Chris Smith 2009


He fought for his country

Fought for all to be free

Now a forgotten son

Of a war long done

He saw so many friends die

In forgotten graves they lie

People do not seem to care

With the medals he has to wear

Each medal is a lost soul in battle

Where you heard the bullets rattle

Each medal belonged to a hero of war

For freedom they were fighting for

They gave us their blood and sweat

The enemy they always met

To give this land to be free

Soldiers for all of us to see

Black, white, American, British, Asian - one and all

Side by side, together they would fall

No matter where they came from, they fought to be true

They died to keep us safe, they died for me and you

copyright Chris Smith 2006

Maybe Dreams Come True

Maybe dreams come true
Where happiness is around
For both me and for you
From the sky down to the ground

But there is always the nightmare
Of the real world that is hidden
Of the blackness that is there
Of the things society should have forbidden

Of starving children laying in their beds
And there seems that no one cares
What is going on in these children's heads
They look through eyes with empty stares

Of the poor homeless people living on the street
Out in the rain and cold with nowhere to go
Walking with holes in their shoes, sores on their feet
We walk by them without any care to show

The single mother left all alone, on her own to tend
Scorned at being alone and always being called a bad name
She is only looking to be loved, to find a close friend
She does not need to be wrongly judged in shame

And this world has beauty in its' many features
But it seems all we always do is to hunt and to kill
Why can we not learn to live with Mother Earth's creatures
We must somehow find the way and find the will

Maybe dreams really do come true
And happiness really is all around
For everything, apart from me and for you
For all life in the sky and on the ground


copyright Chris Smith 1998

Magical World

Silver Angels dancing on clouds
While Fairies floated in the sky
Golden stars light up the Sun
As giant Mockingbirds fly by 

Dreamers fall into gentle slumber
While the Sandman watches over
Little Elves sprinkle his dust
Wearing green uniforms of clover 

Somewhere The Pixies are at play
They are as merry as can be
Adults are blind to this magical world
It is only for children to see  


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Mad Welsh Man

There was a mad Welsh man

Writing all the poetry he can

Hoping people will understand

He decided to move to England

He followed his heart and his head

And came to live inHemel Hempstead

His life found a love that was true

Wanting others to find love to

Now all his troubles are long gone

True love is making him strong

Now he has found employment

Life is now full of enjoyment

For the first time he at last feels free

And is still writing down his poetry

Finding the words whenever he can

Always going to be a mad Welsh man


copyright Chris Smith 2004

Lying Games

She promised him the world
Promised him she was his to keep
He never saw her false smile
The hurt would run too deep

She would disappear throught the night
Leaving him feeling all alone
Wondering where could she be
Hearing another mans' voice on the phone

She told him, he could never be enough
Her black book contained too many names
She told him she needed to have real men
He was a victim as she played her lying games

The police came for him that fatal night
He had killed himself with his knife
But he was not alone in the spilled blood
He made sure he had taken her life

copyright Chris Smith 2010


To crave your touch

And want it so much

Your body next to me

To do want must be

To feel my carress

As I touch your breast

Listening to your sighs

As I kiss between your thighs

Then I shall enter

Into your moist centre

And our bodies shall slide

With me so deep inside

Having you to hold

As I feel myself explode

I feel your body tingle

As our juices now mingle

Lost at our leisure

Lost in our pleasure

Making love all through the night

In each others arms at morning light


copyright Chris Smith 1998


Night time lullabies

Sweet singing voice

No more baby cries

Sleepy feeling rejoice

Far away tales

In your sleepy head

Dream of distant sails

On distant boats instead

Hush a bye my little one

Close your sweet eyes

Your dream land has begun

There are no more baby cries

Little one you are sleeping now

So cosy and warm in your bed

Let your wonderland dreams allow

Take you away to dream land instead

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Love Of A Woman

Love of a woman
Keeps a man strong
Love of a woman
Can do no wrong

She holds him, she cares
The hurt he feels, she shares
She always supports her man
Doing all that she ever can

Her kisses are magic to feel
Her touches help him to heal
Sensations untold, touching his hair
Keeping him close, always being there

Love of a woman
Keeps a man strong
Love of a woman
Can do no wrong


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Love Is Strange

Love opens up the door
Then it slams it closed
It takes a hold of you
And throws you away

Love lightens your life
But leaves you in the dark
It takes you by the hand
Only just to let you go

Love is strange
We never understand it
Love is strange
We are confused by it

Love welcomes you inside
And then it forces you out
It touches you so gentle
Just to slap you in the face

Love gives you the answers
It keeps asking more questions
Comes to you to be near
But it keeps being far away

Love is strange
An odd little thing
Love is strange
It tells you nothing


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Love Is

Love is like a rose.

That is beautiful and strong.

With all your emotion it grows.

But beware of being hurt by a thorn.

Love is like the end of a rainbow.

Colours of beauty shall attract you.

But it may fade and then go.

Leaving you with a colour that is blue.

Love is like the grass that is green.

Walking across it, being free.

But somethings are hidden and unseen.

Leaving behind feelings of jealousy.

Love is worth looking to find.

For love can not stay far apart.

Love is a true peace of mind.

Love is always deep in your heart.

copyright Chris Smith 2008

Love Deserter

She used to hear her heart call
But she allowed herself to fall
She will never return back to then
Never allow herself to love her men

She is a love deserter, love deserter
She won't allow anyone to hurt her

She only sees her emotions fade
Not getting close is the price she paid
Never listens to those romantic words said
Takes only her desire then leaves the bed

She is a love deserter, love deserter
She won't allow anyone to hurt her

She is the one in control of her lust
Leaving you crawling in the dust
She has lost her passion to love
Crushes your heart with an iron glove

She is a love deserter, love deserter
She won't allow anyone to hurt her

To feel for someone, it's been too long
All that she had, it's now all gone
Secretly there will be only one man she needs
But he rejected her, it's why her heart bleeds

She is a love deserter, love deserter
She won't allow anyone to hurt her

She used to hear her heart call
But she allowed herself to fall
She is a love deserter, love deserter
She won't allow anyone to hurt her


copyright Chris Smith 2010


There is no denying

Our love is undying

Both of us have felt pain

Being with each other keeps us sane

Your love I will always treasure

Give you endless pleasure

And my love you take

For it is love we make

Even if I am on distant shores

My body is always yours

Let us just be together

And our love be forever

copyright Chris Smith 1999

Lost Souls

I came looking for lost souls

Lost, like me, within the darkness

So together we could find the light

And share in the heat we feel

To escape from this forgotten place

Find a way out from the cold

Give me a sign and come rescue me

Show me I can still find hope again

Together we can follow our needs

Open our hearts and then be found

Melt this dark place, cold like ice

Then there is hope for all lost souls

Make bright again this dark heart

Help me keep my nightmares at bay

I am a lost soul, come and find me

Rescue me with a love long forgotten

Then from this darkness we can escape

To hold each other, as lost souls no more

copyright Chris Smith 2009

Lost Forever

Lady in the night

She awaits for him

Watching the candle light

Hours watching it dim

Where can he be?

Is he with another?

Where can he be?

Has he some secret lover?

There comes a knock on the door

She opens it to a policeman there

She hears her man is no more

His car crashed into a lake somewhere

Why can't he be?

In her arms right now

Why can't he be?

Alive with her somehow

So tonight the tears fall down

Her heart feels it is broken

In her sorrow she will drown

Of a love that is now unspoken

How can he be?

Away from her forever

How can he be?

Lost to her forever

copyright Chris Smith 2010


Look at the old man
Staring back at you
With the world in his eyes
From his hospital bed
Knowing he is going to die

Look at the young mother
With her beauty to see
Soon to lose a part of her
Maybe to save her life
At the cost of her breast

Look at the baby in the cot
With all those years ahead
Cruelly now taken away
A young life, like a candle
Blown out in the wind

Look at the soldier, the hero
Who fought to protect us all
Fighting to stay alive, for his country
Only to come back safe and sound
To finally lose a war he couldn't win

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Help to fight against Cancer

Lonely Hearts Express

Something that everyone knows
No need to tell the press
Lonely where the train goes
Take a ride on the lonely hearts express

Passengers are all looking down
Out the window no one looks
Drinking with the sorrows they drown
Nobody reads from the untouched books

Every passenger feels the hurt and pain
Everyone is feeling all the stress
Outside, tear drops are like the rain
Take a ride on the lonely hearts express

Are you waiting there on the station platform
Waiting for the train to one day arrive
Looking for the station master in uniform
Going through another day just to survive

You hear the train coming down the rails
Wondering why life came such a mess
Boarding this train, it never ever fails
Taking a ride on the lonely hearts express


copyright Chris Smith 2001

Lonely Child

Such a young age of fourteen.

She feels left alone in the cold.

Is there anyone she can turn to?

She is young, but she is feeling old.

When living with Daddy, she missed her friends.

She left him to go back to Mum.

To carry on at school, to carry on with life.

But her mother made her live in a slum.

They took her away, she was always fostered out.

Now having to live life and going through care.

Daddy lives too far away, he always has to work.

All she wants is for someone to be there.

They locked her mother away in the asylum.

Because she didn't know the things she would do.

Now she is a lonely child with unseen tears.

Suffering with all that she has gone through.

But little girl, Daddy will soon be on his way.

Comfort you and will be there to take away the fears.

Even though he will have to go, he promises to be there.

So little girl, Daddy will dry away your tears.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Like A Fool

You cheated on me the first time

Your tears that you never meant to

I hugged you in my arms that night

Forgot the pain I was going through

Like a fool I forgave you

You cheated on me a second time

The thoughts continued to torment

Once again you came to me in tears

Told me it was nothing, nothing meant

Like a fool I forgave you

You cheated on me a third time

Now all these feelings have gone

We now sleep in our separate beds

I try to cope with how you have done wrong

Like a fool I forgave you

You cheated on me a fourth time

And this time is now the last

I have moved on, no longer with you

Thinking of the future and not the past

Unlike the fool I do not forgive you


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Light Up My Dark

Dark clouds gather above me
They gather above me this night
The rain falls down on me
Drenching my inner light

Dark times are surrounding me
Dark like the clouds up above
Washing away some of my misery
Soaking me through my love

But through the dark I see you
Coming to me when the sun is set
Rain soaking your clothes through
Clinging to you when you are wet

Come, my lover, and mark your mark
Love me in the rain on this dark night
Come and please light up my dark
Embrace me with your shining light


copyright Chris Smith 2008

Light In Nowhere

When you are all alone

And no one is out there

So alone in the darkness

I will be your light in nowhere

When life is bringing you down

And no one seems to ever care

Over head is only black clouds

I will be your light in nowhere

When shadows are all closing in

And you have your burden to bear

When your day seems only to be night

I will be your light in nowhere

copyright Chris Smith 2008

Light A Candle

Light a candle

For the soldiers

Going off to war

To help guide them home

So they never lose their way

Let them see the flame

And come home safe

Light a candle

For all of the lost

Never forget them

Let them come home soon

To those that love them

And cry tears they are gone

See the glow and come home soon

Light a candle

Never let it flicker

Never let that flame die

The soul sees the burning light

And knows it is always there

For should that flame go out

The soul is lost in darkness

copyright Chris Smith 28th October 2009

Life Is A Bitch

She hits you and keeps you down
She never smiles, always wears a frown
She always seems to take pleasure
In giving me pain to treasure

Sometimes it looks like the shadows pass
Then life comes and kicks me in the ass
I can hear her laughing somewhere
I wish life would show she can care

But life is a bitch
She can be a heartless witch
Yeah, ain't life a bitch

She lets you think you just might win
Then takes it all away, leaves you with nothing
She blows you a kiss, on a hunch
Then she delivers a blow with a punch

She never hears you pleas or your calls
She runs up and boots you in the balls
You try to do you best, but at a guess
Life will leave you in such a mess

But life is a bitch
She can be a heartless witch
Yeah, ain't life a bitch

And when life treats you so gentle
She will still only drive you mental
Life will come and she will gain your trust
You think it's all fixed but then it's bust

Life is a lady, but revenge can be her game
Life shows love, but malice can be her name
She can be either good or bad, but which is which
But like any lady, upset her and life is a bitch

But life is a bitch
She can be a heartless witch
Yeah, ain't life a bitch

copyright Chris Smith 30th December 2009

Life And Death

Love strikes at the heart
It sometimes tears it apart
For that is what is living
Even when it is unforgiving

Anguish sometimes will call
Naked in your time to fall
Deeper where love left you

Dropping to where nothing is true
Every emotion you every felt
All now causing you to melt
Telling you it is all over now
Hoping love will return somehow

copyright Chris Smith 2010


Life shows us smiles of joy

It shows us agony and pain

Life builds and also destroys

But we always try to build again

Life takes away the people we care

It gives us birth and new hope

Sometimes we are alone with nobody there

But life will teach us a way to cope

Life is a mistress who likes to play

Tells us everything we all have to know

Life sometimes seems to stay away

Death takes over when life must go

copyright Chris Smith    2009

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Lie To Me

If you do not love me

Then lie to me baby

If you do not need me

Then lie to me lady

To be without your touch

When I need you so much

Not to feel your kiss on my lips

Or the sensation of your finger tips

What would I ever do

If I was then without you

If you were ever to go away

Do not tell me that day

So if you did not want me

Then lie to me baby

If you did not desire me

Then lie to me lady


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Let Your Guitar Sing

Come play a tune for me

Play of love lost memory

Play of almost anything

Let me hear your guitar sing

Let music fill the air

Play for all of us there

Listen to your sweet tune

Playing by the stars and moon

Beauty of the six strings

And the melody it brings

Hear beautiful music tonight

Play until the day light

Please play a tune for me

Play and set me free

You can play anything

Let me hear your guitar sing

copyright Chris Smith 2008

Let My Last Day Be With You

If I could have one last day

If everything would fade away

If the world would crumble to blue

Then let my last day be with you

If the skies began to fall

If the end was coming for all

If there was nothing to do

Then let my last day be with you

If the grass blackened and died

If all life had to face their genocide

If all this was coming true

Then let my last day be with you

(copyright Oct 2008...Chris Smith)

Let Me Die

I hate this hospital room
All I feel inside, is gloom
I am of the age of eighty three
Wish they would just let me be

My wife died three months ago
Oh God, how I miss her so
To be with her I want to try
Why won't they let me die?

The stomach cancer causes pain
No matter the morphine, it will remain
I have to piss now, in a bag
Sometimes my nurse can be a hag

My life is over, can't they see?
This isn't very fair for me
Every day I watch my son cry
Why won't they let me die?


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Let It Be

When this heart begins to break

And there is nothing at stake

All the tears have been cried

Just emptiness left inside

Let It Be

All our emotions are long gone

We keep playing the same old song

Trying to remember our good times past

But these feelings keep on fading fast

Let It Be

For you no longer come to desire me

We only keep giving each other misery

We seem to be always on the attack

Now there can be no turning back

Let It Be


copyright Chris Smith 2009


Amid mushrooms the leprechaun creeps

At the end of rainbows he sleeps

He would hit you with a rock

If you try to steal his crock

A master of devilish trickery

He will play games with ye

Doth thou keep away from me gold

He will say so brash and bold

Catch him and hear him rant

Three wishes he will grant

But those wishes are like the mist

With each one comes a twist

Laughs at you, he is all dressed in green

Never generous, just twice as mean

For his hidden gold he will dig

Trick you and dance an Irish jig


copyright Chris Smith 2008


My tones turn to grey

As day now fades away

Forgotten friends I find

Keeping me in mind

I have been lost of fate

Now found too late

Broken promises she made

A memory never to fade

My life passes on by

To forget her I will try

But hidden tears I hide

Love for her hurts inside

One day I will heal

Learn again to feel

This feeling so far remains

Giving my soul dark stains

Then I will once more return

I have so much to learn


Chris Smith 2008