Tuesday, 23 November 2010

In Memory Of Our Grasshopper

In memory of our Grasshopper

How I always watched you

Captivated each week by your adventure

Hypnotised to the screen

Following my hero called Caine

In memory of our Grasshopper

Saw you trained by your master

Saw you as the man, travelling the West

With a flute, a hat and walking barefoot

You were a hero to us all

In memory of our Grasshopper

Even when you played the Rollerball

Became the master, as she followed you

As she fought to Kill Bill

You still held us in awe

In memory of our Grasshopper

Oh David, we will miss you so

No one will ever take your place

You are a hero now in Heaven

Cry, for our Grasshopper is gone

(In memory of the late David Carradine...a great and brilliant Actor)

Chris Smith June 5th 2009

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