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Friday, 26 November 2010

Maybe Dreams Come True

Maybe dreams come true
Where happiness is around
For both me and for you
From the sky down to the ground

But there is always the nightmare
Of the real world that is hidden
Of the blackness that is there
Of the things society should have forbidden

Of starving children laying in their beds
And there seems that no one cares
What is going on in these children's heads
They look through eyes with empty stares

Of the poor homeless people living on the street
Out in the rain and cold with nowhere to go
Walking with holes in their shoes, sores on their feet
We walk by them without any care to show

The single mother left all alone, on her own to tend
Scorned at being alone and always being called a bad name
She is only looking to be loved, to find a close friend
She does not need to be wrongly judged in shame

And this world has beauty in its' many features
But it seems all we always do is to hunt and to kill
Why can we not learn to live with Mother Earth's creatures
We must somehow find the way and find the will

Maybe dreams really do come true
And happiness really is all around
For everything, apart from me and for you
For all life in the sky and on the ground


copyright Chris Smith 1998

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