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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Killing Grin

He comes looking for you

With a knife he will slice

Evil grin, through and through

With your life he will dice

Beauty queen he comes looking for

Sex is not what he will want to try

You know that he will be looking for more

Because he just wants to watch her die

When he has you, he looks in your eyes

Knife to your throat, who can hear you shout?

His grin is there and he laughs at your cries

That light in your eyes, he loves it to go out

Only with death can he manage and cope

He loves the blood and it is his thrill

Knowing you can't escape, there is no hope

As he always will close in for the kill

Wonder what caused him to be what he is now

Why he has to kill just to be able to feel

What goes through his mind, to be able to kill now

Why does another life does he need to steal

So when you are looking out your window tonight

He is hiding in the shadows watching you

Waiting for that time you turn out your bedroom light

Silently grinning and knowing what he will do

copyright Chris Smith 2009

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