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Friday, 15 April 2011

Crystal Clear

Open your mind, and listen
Quiet now, a time to hear
Those sounds inside your head
Reaching out, becoming crystal clear

Somewhere the night owl cries
A thousand cats are calling
In a field, a mouse scuttles
Out in galaxies, stars are falling

There are the sound of countless prayers
You can almost hear God replying
There are lovers in so many embraces
Lost in their passionate sighing

At last, you sense your own thoughts
You own words you can hear
Those feelings you need to say
Finally being heard crystal clear

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Music To Me

I am listening to the music
With those memories of you
Of every song that plays
In every tune that I hear
Is heart and music to me

The Rock music now playing
Reminds me of the moves you make
It is the sweet temptation you give
Even with the flick of your hair
That is like music to me

When hearing Rhythm and Blues
It is the sound of passion
The building of our souls together
In the moments of our love
That is like music to me

Classical music belongs to us
Taking us back to another time
Beating from deep within
Romance from times gone before
That is like music to me

And the sound of your voice
Is the most beautiful of all
It is the most precious that plays
That feeling of being one together
It is the purest music to me

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Thursday, 7 April 2011


God took you with him the other day,
But I never got to say goodbye.
No longer will I see your smile,
Or again hear your kind words.

You were a long way from your home,
And now I know you are back there.
Your spirit running free and beautiful,
Your soul still tender and pure.

I wish I had known, but you never said.
You never told us what was wrong,
But the days lead into weeks;
And I realised you wasn't coming back.

Ellen, you never told us you had cancer,
That it was too advanced to save you.
The stomach cancer has taken you now,
But it can never take away your memory.

Never once did you say any cross word,
Your soft voice was always a comfort.
You offered support to all who knew you,
Always the best friend to everyone.

They too you far too soon, my friend.
You were only fifty years old, still young.
There is a place for you, always in my heart,
Go in peace for now you dance with Angels.

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Monday, 4 April 2011

Don't Blame Me

The World has gone straight to Hell.
Everything keeps on falling apart.
There is some new crisis in the East.
Friend is battling against friend.

Don't blame me.

The government are still making cuts.
National debt continues to be on the rise.
People are finding they are losing their homes.
Eviction is staying on the increase.

Don't blame me.

Crime is in a spiral and out of control.
Women are being targeted for sex attacks.
Each religion is blaming the other one.
No future for the children of today.

Don't blame me.

The media are telling even more lies.
Starvation is becoming the new diet.
Nobody cares about their fellow man.
Because there are no souls found anywhere.

Don't blame me.

You see, darling, everything is in a mess.
Our problems really are just too small.
I hold these hands up because I need you.
We have to be as one, all we have are each other.

I love you, for that don't blame me.

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Monday, 21 March 2011

Love Me Five Times

Love me one time,
I will give you tonight.
Where we will fan the flames,
And we will feed our passion.

Love me two times,
I will take you to Heaven.
We will dance amongst the clouds,
And we will be lost in the moment.

Love me three times,
I will reach up to the very stars.
Bring down the Moon just for you,
And we will embrace in cosmic magic.

Love me four times,
I will surrender you my heart.
You will lock it away with yours,
And we will be kept forever safe.

Love me five times,
I will unite our souls together.
Our world will then become as one,
And then our love shall never die.

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Man In The Moon

Looking up at the night sky
I see the Moon looking back
There is a face smiling at me
With the stars shining around

The man in the Moon has no troubles
He has no need to pay the bills everyday
He never goes hungry and never worries
At night, when you need him, he's there

The man in the Moon will never judge you
He will listen to the words you share
Never answers you back or puts you down
He always lends a shoulder for you to cry

Looking up at the night sky
I see the Moon looking back
There is a face smiling at me
Now I know I am smiling too

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Be Safe

Of all these times of trouble
Of when this world is screaming
Of those moments we face fear
Of friends needing our support

Be safe

Of the healing yet to come
Of the tears now being shed
Of the children all alone
Of those we loved and have lost

Be safe

Of the times you supported me
Of all my words you have read
Of the blessings I send to you
Of this heart that goes out your way

Be safe

I care and you are in my thoughts

copyright Chris smith 2011

(for my friends in Japan, please be safe)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Forever Walk

Each day, it seems to be the same
The hours colliding as if one
Stretching out without any end
As if time has suddenly stopped

Alas, these poor and weary feet
They seemed to have walked miles
This seems to be an endless destination
Like walking forever in some circle

I am not alone in this forever walk
Of the same tasks, day after day
Someone has to face what comes
For Hospitals, they never stop, never sleep.

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Ode Of An Old Soldier

He sits all alone, feeling forgotten
Amongst the rubbish in the alley
No one heeds him, no one cares
Another victim that is homeless

If only someone listened to his story
Of how he became a victim of the bottle
So many years passing of living this way
A shrunken shadow of the man he once was

Long ago he fought in the war, fighting proud
Battling for his country, believing in truth
The war was won and the country was safe
But he carried battle scars within his mind

Time has passed and he is one more forgotten hero
Once a soldier wirh honour, now a broken man
He came home from a war, with nowhere to go
Now fighting another war, one he can never win

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Sunday, 6 March 2011


That feeling, ice cold shivers
Running down my spine
As I feel it watching me
From some unseen hiding place
Ready to reach out and touch

I know it is there, observing
Studying my every movement
I feel those eyes burning
Ripping deeper into my mind
Creeping further into my soul

Maybe this is only imagination
There could be nothing there
No creature within the darkness
Just the illusions of a fevered mind
But, alas no, I know it is there

Sleep takes me, without my permission
At last the creeper will come crawling
To this very bed on which I lay
So it can feast on the terrors I fear
And then, I will awake no more

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Careless Me

Have you seen it anyway?
Maybe underneath a tree
Or buried deeply underground
Maybe hidden above in the sky
Because I have looked everywhere

It was very careless of me
To misplace it when it should be safe
If only I had locked it away
I would still have it here, close by
Now I know that it could be anywhere

I think I may have given it away
To someone I trusted to look after it
Now that person is gone, and disgarded it
Thrown it to one side like a piece of rubbish
So I will search to find it somewhere

Heed my advice, and always look after yours
Protect it, keep it with you at all times
It needs you to be strong, stronger than I was
For if you lose it, I fear it may be broken
My heart is missing and I can  find it nowhere

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sleep, Where Are Thou Tonight?

Sleep, where are thou tonight?
When I need thee the most
Yon dreams desert thy sight
I am only a crumbled ghost

Come take me to fabled land
Where mine eyes may rest
Sleep, take with thy loving hand
Where yonder reaches I know best

But, alas, you still abandon me
This mind cursed you too much
This darkest night brings misery
Brings it forth, restless of such

Sleep, where are thou tonight?
When I need thee the most
Sleep, please come hold me tight
Let ye join me in slumbers boast

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Sometimes going up
Sometimes going down
When do we have enough
When do we lose our crown

Funny riding the Seesaw
Enjoying our childhood
Never seeing life takes more
Never seeing what our eyes should

Sometimes going high
Sometimes going low
We never reach that sky
Life keeps on getting slow

Funny riding the Seesaw
The only thing we can do
Never certain for sure
What we are going through

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

I Am A Broken Man

I am a broken Man
Made of glass, shattered
Pieces of myself found
Like smashed rain drops
Adorning this dusty floor

Do you believe a man can cry?
Weeping of the love he lost
That his soul, now forever damned
Could not take that needed step
To take him in the right direction

That man is a dark, fallen fool
I am he, who fell hard from grace
Never able to find that moment
That passing second, all I needed
But my pitied pride kept me back

So the heart aches, no more say I
Leave me suffering with my demons
Let the broken shards lie where they are
That which once contained true love
That I carelessly dropped from my hands

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Life Is ....

Life is....
What we make it
Not wanting to break it
Some need to forsake it

Life is....
Knowing that I need you
Trying to make it true
Made by everything I do

Life is....
Never what we think
Can drive us to drink
Sometimes into we sink

Life is....
Believing there is something above
When push comes to shove
In the end, life is love

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Monday, 21 February 2011

I Salute You

For all those who feel the pain
Of a tireless job, again and again

I salute you

For all single mothers all alone
Working and aching to the bone

I salute you

For all the soldiers away from family
Risking their life against a common enemy

I salute you

For all the nurses doing the hours godsend
Doing the night shift that never seems to end

I salute you

For the people reading this and relate
Knowing life can sometimes be a desperate state

I salute you

For all of you who find life can be a test
When you are out there and doing your best

I salute you

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Friday, 18 February 2011

Excuse Me, Sir

Excuse me, Sir

Did you have to order
The most expensive food
That is on the menu

When outside the window
A hungry child looks in
Only dreaming of this

You waste half the plate
So it is thrown away
But never a scrap for us

Excuse me, Sir

You buy for your own sake
Not really needing it
For it is left to be forgotten

Never thinking what you could do
Sparing for the needy with nothing
One percent of your money is too much

You do not believe in charity
Millions wasted for your own good
The rich always rob from the poor


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Only The Dead Are Without Fear

In these times we live
We see horror take hold
And we try to survive
Knowing all that we do
Seems to be never enough

Wars come and are fought
Where the brave will die
Scared in a battle far away
Terror striking in a distant land
Praying they will make it home

Only the dead are without fear
For the dead can no longer feel
Never aware of the thousand flowers
That will adorn a thousand graves
Only the dead are without fear

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Sunday, 13 February 2011

They Are Coming

They are coming, getting closer
I try hard but can not awaken

They are coming, getting closer
This is no dream, I was mistaken

They are coming, searching for me
If only I could escape somewhere

They are coming, searching for me
I am trapped in this nightmare

They are coming, stalking now
Who will be there to hear my cry?

They are coming, stalking now
Please help me, I do not want to die

They are coming, they have my scent
All I want is to come out of this dream

They are coming, they have my scent
All is left for me is to scream

They are coming, they are here

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bad Days

I thought I knew my mind
But I found darkness in there
Sometimes I  can be blind
To the living of a nightmare

When I'm up, I'm dragged down
Lost within the world of the sane
Watching my smile becoming a frown
Feeling left alone, here, to remain

So here I am, once again, writing
Clouds come like a fog in my head
Right or wrong, I can't keep fighting
Holding on to the last crumbs of bread

I'm tired, wondering what I'm doing here
Still working hard, but I can't forget
Troubled times that never seem to clear
Still gambling on life and losing that bet

I'm no longer strong, my energy fades
Velvet skies are always eluding me
The Sun beats down, I'm hidden in shades
Falling mountains that are including me

When it is over, I wait for it to restart
Life has a bitter toll where everybody pays
I try to rebuild, only for me to fall apart
This always happens on one of my bad days


copyright Chris Smith 2011

Thy Blackened Soul

Thy blackened soul, it reaches out
Trying to break free this hellish night
Demons screaming with a banshee shout
Attempting to drag you from the light

I know who you are, hidden in mortal form
The rage of your darkness, forever screaming
Your eyes betraying your devilish storm
Taking away those that need hope in dreaming

So here you are, for you are coming for me
I was a fool to believe I could make this deal
Now the lowest part of Hell awaits for my misery
You have no heart, it is impossible for you to feel

Thy blackened soul,comes to seal my fate
And those hellish hounds come baying
To beat the Devil, before it becomes too late
Because in those lower regions, forever staying


copyright Chris Smith 2011

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Tides Of Desolation

We wait at the shores of desperation
Watching the coming tides of desolation
Never knowing what those waters bring
Lost in waves that flow into nothing

Throw in a bottle, a symbol of  longing and hope
Of troubles gone before where you could not cope
Life, sometimes she can the cruelest mistress
Where sadness visits like a cold empress

You look for the words, they never arrive
Wanting to grip on to reality so you can stay alive
Well you see my friend, I am waiting in isolation
Still here watching the coming tides of desolation

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Timeless Nightmares

Taken from a restless night
Images crawling in my sight
Mysterious touch of icy fingers
Every dark thought that now lingers
Left shivering, something there
Each heart beat, terror shall share
Shadows moving within my head
Skin is tingling with a fear to shed

Night holds something, evil waiting
In deepest threat, now anticipating
Growing visions of the unholy we know
Having nowhere to run, nowhere to go
Ticking manic laughing of the clock
Murderous beasts, my screams they mock
Answers never come, no mercy only misery
Rats scuttle in corners, showing no pity
Endless searching to find some hope
Suddenly comes Death with a hangmans' rope


Friday, 28 January 2011

Triman Reborn

I bet you forgot about me
Hiding away in the darkest recess
Locked within your deepest imagination
Thinking you were at last safe from me

Well, I am going to come back very soon
When you are least expecting to see me
Attacking within your nightmares this time
Playing new games with your very pysche

So you better keep an eye over your shoulder
For that glimpse of movement in a dark corner
Because I had no intention of staying defeated
When I so many to new souls to play with

No scarred monk will ever get the better of me
The story will start again, deadly that before
Listen to that whisper on the coldest of winds
When I ask once more, "Do you want to play a game"?


Triman Reborn (He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccckkkkkkk), coming soon to a scream near you.

copyright (Hiding in fear) Chris Smith 2011


Saturday, 22 January 2011

Ruffled Feathers

Leaves falling from midnight trees
Like lovers taking their lives
Silently, without a soul watching
Left decaying of the cold, wet ground

Trees then standing naked and exposed
Against the cruel touch of the elements
Victims to the exposure of their modesty
Unable to defend what nature sees

Flowers that give up to the coming Winter
To shrivel and die without a thought
As frost comes after them like a demented slayer
Stripping them of the beauty they once held

Birds come in search for scraps of food
On a frozen ground that refuses to yield
Hungry for the smallest morsel laying there
Icy breeze flows through ruffled feathers

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Daggers In The Rain: Bryon And Holly

The rain falls like daggers
My mortal soul staggers
Washed in this darkness
Trapped in a void so endless

My eyes refuse to see the light
Only demons gnaw at my sight
For who can come to rescue me?
Make complete a soul so empty

I am here if you call my name
Let me be the one to take the blame
Show me how I can start to begin
Please trust me and let me in

You never need to face it alone
Do not suffer these arrows on your own
Come and hold my hand, there is nothing to fear
I want you to know I am always going to be here

copyright Chris Smith 2011 (based on the story Beautiful Words as seen on

My Torment

If you knew my story
Of the things I have to tell
Then your soul would hurt
And suffer the untold torture
To feel the suffering deep inside

Everyday becomes one of the same
Like a crack'd mirror showing scars
A reflection that I can never bear
That is a witness, nay it is a warning
Of the man I once was so long ago

I have been stripped down to raw bones
Bleeding inside, a gaping hole is left
From whence my heart used to beat
Alas, I fear it leaves me feeling so cold
Even though I still feel the fires of Hell


copyright Chris Smith (under the alias Phantom)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Standing In The Dark

Standing in the dark
Living with my void
Afraid of the mirror
Of all it destroyed

Crying in my shadows
Stinging tears of pain
Flowing down my face
Time and time once again

Trying hard to understand
The bleakness of my day
Uncertain of why this life
Decided they had to take her away

Read more:
Written under the alias "Phantom"
Chris Smith 2011

Friday, 14 January 2011

Invisible Girl

 She only wants someone to love
To have someone to love her
But she is so scared to reach out
To show how she really feels

He keeps passing by her every day
So near to her, in the corridors
So many times she wishes he would see her
If only she could be one with the crowd

She is an invisible girl, hidden from sight
Always kept in the dark, never the light

She smiles at him, from across her desk
But he never notices she is looking
Every girl is always catching his eye
But she never seems to be the one

She always sends him secret love letters
Someone else seems to take the credit
Why can't he see her feeling this way?
Her heart is breaking, yearning for him

She is an invisible girl, hidden from sight
Always kept in the dark, never the light

Suddenly he turns to her and he looks away
He never notices the tears she is crying
She is too scared to try grabbing his hand
Thinking she will never be good enough

If only she knew the thoughts in his head
He wants nobody else, to to be with her
She makes him tremble, too afraid to speak
If only she would talk with him, call his name

She is his invisible girl, hidden from sight
She hides from him in the dark, never the light

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Thursday, 13 January 2011

What Love Really Feels Like

Nervous twitches, like electric shock
Feeling the skin, trembling tingles
Your head finds a way to fly in the clouds
This is what love really feels like

The heart thumbing, trying to burst free
Sensing every part of your blood flowing
Cheeks burning, with a strange sensation
This is what love really feels like

Being together, exploring your very souls
Touching, carressing, and feeling so alive
Not afraid to surrender to the passion, together
This is what love really feels like

Waking up, and holding them in your arms
Soft kisses, and tender smiles of contentment
Never wanting to let each other go, so connected
This is what love really feels like

When they are away, there is always something missing
When you are not talking, it is like something has died
Wanting to be with them, never wanting to keep away
That is what love really feels like

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Holding An Angel

 Like jaggered, rusty copper nails
Hammered, with malice, into my skin
My heart is bleeding with raw pain
Tearing me apart, agony resides

To love and face your selfish abandonment
Of the woman you tried to share your soul
But the morbid fear of the past came creeping
And you pushed away without knowing the game

Never seeming to realise that to you, she is beauty
That in the eyes of others, her beauty also shines
You tried so hard to keep her, but you used a cage
Only to feel her slip away because she needs to be free

This man has loved and lost, for this must be the last time
When you have perfection and allow it to slowly slip past
Like the ice cold water that runs through your fingers
If you hold on to an Angel too long, it will fly away

copyright Chris smith 2011

Friday, 7 January 2011


Working hard, with no time to play
Invisible in shadows, that never go away
Busy all through the night, never seeing day
Seeing so much misery, left in my dismay

A difficult job where nobody sees me
Hospital porter running on empty
A voice that always rings out silently
Never time to rest, for time to be free

So many patients, moved like cattle on the go
All through the long night, going to and fro
Even those, with names we will never know
Taken to a mortuary, chills me to my soul

Nurses and Doctors, seen at the front line
Rewarded with thanks which is very fine
Anonymous are Porters, this job is mine
We would be the grapes that help make the wine

So spare us a thought for the hard work we do
Taking you to another ward, looking after you
We never stop, all these hours we work through
So many different duties, if only you knew

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Miracle Street

Taking a journey, talking a walk
So many people ready to meet
They always listen, they always talk
When you come down to Miracle Street

Sweet old lady, her name is Mandy
For years she has lived out here
Children visit, they always get candy
Because there is no danger or fear

Policeman by the name of Paul
Always sharing with you a witty rhyme
For him you will never have to call
For here there never is any crime

Over there is where lives Doctor Phil
Ready to help you when you need him
But it is so lucky nobody ever gets ill
And the Doctor always smiles and never gets grim

Teenagers help the elderly to get across the road
And the traffic never drives way too fast
Never any fights, everyone holds someones hand
There is a special peace that always will last

Taking a journey, talking a walk
So many people ready to meet
They always listen, they always talk
When you come down to Miracle Street

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Grand country of much inside
Enduring with a gentle pride
Ready to play the great game
Marking football with a name
And music plays for all
Nations hear the songs call
Yet there is still more to come

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Monday, 3 January 2011

Close My Eyes

Do you know how it feels
To be able to surrender
To the feeling of bliss to dream
And escape into required slumber

Alas, that luxery eludes me now
Sleep refuses to come, to welcome me
Only the shadows between these eyes
Shackle me to the damnation of pain

Trying to give in to what never comes
Just the bitterness of a thousand needles
Invisible daggers penetrating my skin
Never allowing me a moment of peace

How many times do I have to beg
For the pleasure of closing my eyes
No pill takes away that edge
It remains with the passing of time

This body seems to want to betray me
Agony searing through these veins
The days, nay, the years are difficult
Just let me close my eyes this once

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Where Angels Sit

Distant stars shine in the night sky
Like glittering diamonds way up high
Do you wonder who is up there
Maybe a being than loves to care

Maybe they know not the meaning of war
Or they are not inflicted with a flaw
Where they would never judge those differently
That are classified disabled that people see

They might not call them names and mock them
Walk on by as if they are ready to condemn
Maybe they never bleed others for profit
Because all the way up there is where Angels sit

copyright Chris Smith 2011