Saturday, 6 November 2010

Broken Dawn

I have lived in endless torment

Facing a darkness forever

Cursed to feed this lust

This unholy craving for blood

The temptations of warm flesh

The heat from the vein

Making my willing desire

Being one of an undying breed

Well, I will face this no more

Put an end to my sins

I will face the broken dawn

Feel the sun light touch my face

I will burn for my damnation

End this vampire unlife at last

Then my soul will now know peace


copyright Chris Smith 2009


I find myself bound to a chair

Not able to move my hands

As I watch you slowly dance

Seducing me as you sway

A prisoner to your attention

As now you slowly undress

Still with a seductive movement

And I feel myself unabe to resist

Naked before me, a victim of your desire

Tease me with a probing kiss

Unable to touch you, as you touch me

I am not sure how much I can take

Skilled hands play with my body

A skilled body sits on me, and takes control

My tied hands strain against their bonds

As I give in to your control


copyright Chris Smith 2009


Sky blue

Blue bird

Flying high

Up above

Sea blue

Blue dolphin

Swimming free

Down below

Ice blue

Blue water

Melting now

Crashing down

Electric blue

Blue sparks

Lightning strikes

Flashing by

Eyes blue

Blue tears

Crying always

Over you


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Blood Red

Dance with the shadows,
Away from the candle light.
Romance with the madness,
That comes, creeping tonight.

What hides from the eyes,
Blind to the reflection.
The mirror never betrays,
It never shows redemption.

So when he comes for you,
Before morning will break.
Do not show any fear,
For your soul he will take.

You must never speak his name,
It must never be said.
Or you will belong to him,
And your destiny, blood red.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Blessed Are

Blessed are the children
From all around the World
With the joy that they give us
And the future belongs to them

Blessed are the soldiers
Who give their lives every day
So we can try to live on in peace
Without fear of not waking from our dreams

Blessed are the real friends
That pick you up when you fall down
Who bring a smile to your face
For those friends never turn you away

Blessed are the writers
Who deliver us the words
That we share in the adventure
That we share in their soul

Blessed are the women
Who keep our hearts always warm
Always there to give us their love
Finding us whenever we are lost

Blessed are the nurses
For they tend to the very sick
Try to put us back on our feet
Working all hours for our needs

Blessed are those not mentioned
Who go about life each passing day
Doing everything that we ask of them
Being there when we want them to be

But blessed are you
Who come to read my poems
Because this poet would be nothing
Without a dear reader like you


copyright 2009

Friday, 5 November 2010


Before you came into my life

Nothing was how it should be

It was like cutting me with a knife

And taking my heart from me

Everything was always the same

My life was just spinning around

I was fighting just to keep sane

And not falling to the ground

No one was there to pick me up

They only wanted to knock me down

I felt I had had enough

In my troubles I could drown

I did not know what to do

I was alone with nowhere to go

I had no one to turn to

No one who wanted to know

My image had no reflection

I had no purpose to carry on living

Everyone was giving me rejection

People only taking and not giving

But then I found you

And the past faded into nowhere

My life was given something to do

Because my life now has you there


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Black Sheep

Nightmares invade me in my sleep

Restless nights are awaiting me

For I will always be the black sheep

Forever forgotten and left empty

These memories can never fade

They see me an enemy of the state

They think I am one to invade

That will not be my fate

Am I that different from the rest

To past judgement you consider right

Do I have to pass some test

To prove I have the will to fight

I live my life the only way I know

It is the way I know how to

I will go where I want to go

I face only that which is now true


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Black Clouds

Black clouds rain like tears

Each drop comes ice cold

Frozen through to the bone

Cold shivers down my spine

Lightening strikes close by

Lighting up all around me

The dead from their graves

I see them all around

The flesh falling from decay

Decay from bodies now deceased

Awoken this stormy night

By the blackest of clouds

I am powerless to stop them

Hungry mouths devouring me

Ripping my flesh with force

I am unable to scream

As my throat is torn out

Reborn to be damned

One of the living dead

Waiting for the black clouds


copyright Chris Smith 2003

Thursday, 4 November 2010


I sit here, another year older
Celebrating with Mister Solitaire
Never feeling any bolder
Wishing someone could be there

I used to love this time of year
Unwrapping cherised gifts
The future, I never had to fear
Unaware of how the future drifts

Remembering friends of the past
And drinking to my health
I wish those moments did last
When my life was my wealth

And age came creeping up on me
Tapped me on my shoulder
Left me here, feeling a hint of self pity
Left me here, feeling just a bit older

Opening greeting cards, reading their verse
All of them are wishing me "Happy Birthday"
Leaving me wondering, if age is a curse
And not wanting the years to fly away

Just once again, let me be that young boy
Who had so many wishes to make
Who saw life, as a way to enjoy
Who waited patiently for a piece of cake

When I was still near my father and mother
Smiling as they would sing out my name
Laughing with glee, with each brother
As we played just another party game

But I open my eyes, and the memory goes
Of those times where my youth mattered
Now fading away like forgoten shadows
Leaving me behind, torn and tattered

Then I realise, that I am never alone
These words are read and treasured
My friends never leave me on my own
Because by your friends you are measured

I thank you all, I have found my voice
You have all helped me to find my way
Your beautiful friendship helps me rejoice
The only gift I need on this birthday


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Birth Of A New Dawn

Through the birth of a new dawn
The new dew on the lawn
The first birds song
And night is now gone
For the day begins as new
I am here thinking of you

As an early Summer rain falls
Somewhere a rooster calls
And as this morning begins
For whatever this day brings
The memory of you will stay
A memory never to fade away

I stand here naked in this new day
The rain washes the night away
The birth of a new dawn is born
Fading away stars that shone
This day is born in all its' grace
A beautiful day as beautiful as your face


copyright Chris Smith 2005

Bideaway Cottage

Take a trip to Bideaway Cottage
With thatch, yellow like the sun
And the windows gleam in reflection
When caught in the wonder of light

Mister Bideaway always seems to smile
He sees the marvellous time of day
While the blind people always go by
For they never say hello, or never look up

Mrs Bideaway loves the pretty flowers
And spends the time to smell their scent
But people trample on the flowers outside
Never having the time to watch their step

Baby Bideaway plays happily with his red ball
Bouncing it each and every single day
But some seem to be lost in so much confusion
Because they have so many toys with which to play

Bideaway dog loves to run around with joy
Always you can see him wagging with glee
But the other dogs never seem to go anywhere
They always keep on chasing their tails

And as the sun begins to set on Bideaway Cottage
And all there are wishing us all a goodnight
Their dreams will be of peaceful slumber
Hoping the rest of us escape from the dark

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Being Different

He came from a different place
He came from a different race
A new home and a new beginning
A new hope with a new bringing

She bumped into him that fated day
She fell in love with him straight away
A different culture did not worry her
He was not a man who would hurry her
So together the world they would face
Two different souls in this cruel place

They came as a gang for him one night
They said that taking their women wasn't right
Down an alley they kicked him in the head
They kicked and beat him until he was dead
She found him and in his blood she cried
For only being different he died


copyright Chris Smith 2007

Behind My Blue Eyes

This man hides emotions

Hides them like a disguise

Afraid to show them again

Hiding behind blue eyes

Maybe he can express them

Come to again realise

Someone can hold his heart

And I can no longer hide behind my blue eyes


copyright Chris Smith 2006

Because Of You

Because of you
My eyes were open
And I saw for the first time
The beauty that surrounded me

Because of you
I heard the birds sing
And witnessed beautiful music
That I was never aware of before

Because of you
Love touched my heart
That once was hidden in the dark
And I learnt what it was like to be in light

Because of you
I now can feel alive
And sense my heart beating
Being in emotions that seemed so lost

Because of you
There is now a reason
For this man to never give up
To carry on and progress with passion

Because of you
It is all because of you
This love is given because of you
I am only this man because of you


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Because Love Is Blind

The broken hearts in the corner

Unseen tears that are running down

She is there, and is shaking

Feel her heart, it is breaking

But no one notices she is there

Because love is blind

The pain that secrets always feel

Words that are said but never meant

He is there, and is shaking

Feel his heart, it is breaking

He is foolishly trying to be brave

Because love is blind

Distant shores keep loving hearts far away

A long time can seem to go on forever

They are there, and are shaking

Feel their hearts, they are breaking

No one cares if distance keeps them apart

Because love is blind


copyright Chris Smith 2009


You can't cry in silence
Without making a sound
You can't hide locked away
Without ever being found

You can work without end
Never stopping to rest
Exhaustion will take you
When you are past your best

Love with seek you out
When dark streets you roam
You feel you are forever lost
But love will guide you home

As sorrow drags you down
Taking you deeper into despair
Don't believe you face being alone
Because your friends will be there

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Beauty And The Beast

When the morning comes this day

Let it take your troubles away

To refresh your beautiful soul

Welcome you everywhere you go

The light always shines for you

Guides you with all you go through

Radiance for one who is so fair

Open your eyes, see me standing there

You are the one that glows

For I am condemned to shadows

Alone to carry my own scar

To admire your beauty from afar

I am never to be seen

In the darkness I lean

A man to be seen the least

You are the beauty and I am the beast

copyright Chris Smith 2009

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Beautiful Lover

Now I have found you
I am never letting you go
All I want to do
Is you I want to know

I will never want another
For my heart belongs to you
You are my beautiful lover
Making my love be true

Make love to me this night
Let us move as one
Doing what feels right
Being with you all night long


copyright Chris Smith 1999


Standing here, I look out now

Over a field covered in smoke

Littered with the bodies of the brave

Witnessing the death that we plow

Gagging on the blood that will choke

The dying of soldiers now gone to the grave

I am just the ghost of a hollow man

A bullet took this life from me not long ago

As I ran across this damned battle-field

Oh how I wish it was not me who ran

I died alone, and I witnessed my own blood flow

There was no where to hide and there was no shield

Through the white mist I see a thousand more

Their bodies scattered and broken on the ground

We are the victims of madness and war games

While Generals hide away never entering the war

The victims like us, we all die without a sound

Buried and then long forgotten, in a battle-field no one blames


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Monday, 1 November 2010

Back For More

He has let her down, as expected
Once again she is feeling rejected
Her feelings, once more, dragged through the mill
And she is wondering why she loves him still

For his satisfaction she will do anything
Dress up for him in the things he will bring
Every desire that he wants, she will do
Is it worth all that she has to go through

He uses her as a plaything and casts her away
Promises to come and never arrives that day
She lets him use her because she loves this man
Her body is his to use anytime and do anything he can

But this woman knows that she is not alone
For this man has too many hearts to own
He keeps breaking hearts and deceiving them
He has his way and then he is leaving them

She tries to tell him it is over once again
But she is always attracted to these type of men
All she wishes is for someone to love and adore
But he has her and she will always go back for more


copyright Chris Smith 2006

Baby Boy

Baby boy wants to play

His toys are too far away

He is only eight months old

Reaches out for that toy to hold

In his walker, he goes across the room

Pretending it is a car that is going zoom

Baby boy spies his mother so dear

When he sees her he has nothing to fear

Baby boy cries tears for all to heed

He is crying for it is time for his feed

Now he feeds for he is hungry right now

He is so hungry he could drain a cow

Now baby boy it is time for your bed

Time to lay down your sleepy head

Time for you to go away to dream land

Until then, mother is there to hold your hand


copyright Chris Smith 2008

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Avenging Angel

Like an avenging Angel

He will smite you down

Come this avenging Angel

In your sorrows you drown

His sword will cut the sky

His rage will always track you

Can you hear his angry cry

He strikes from out of the blue

Hunting you he will forward advance

For your sins he will make you pay

Your head will hang from his lance

From the avenging Angel you will not get away


copyright Chris Smith 2008


Crumbling walls of a collapsing paradise
A darkened decay of a dying civilisation
It once stood proud but now it has gone
Swallowed up by the unfeeling waves

This city once seen as a golden miracle
Living, at first, in harmony and peace
The spark of jealousy snatched it away
Warlords came, bringing only destuction

No one could fight, or know how to defend
The city fell into the seas' cold embrace
All sank down into the fantoms of oblivion
This was the beginning of the fall of Atlantis

Centuries pass by, sailors hear Mermaids sing
Beautiful voices coming from deepest depths
Far below some have seen those city lights
They search but Atlantis is never to be found


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Asylum Of The Mind

Took a walk on the other side

The other side of sanity

Found that my problems collide

Taking away my vanity

Love just hits you hard

It comes and knocks you down

Love just drives you mad

In your sorrows you drown

Crazy thoughts and you can't smile

It just drives you all insane

Your mind just falls out of style

There is no way to try to explain

You want to love someone so much

You wonder if they really see you there

Your head just seems out of touch

All you want is a heart you can share

So you sit in the Asylum of your mind

Locked away form the realms of reality

No one knows what you will find

No one knows what you will see


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Ashes And Dust

Like the Autumn leaves
That fall from the trees
They crumble in your hands
Like the lover who grieves
Cold tears that will freeze
Where only Death understands

He thought he could last
To go and live forever
That in this life he could trust
He thought he escaped the past
That he could do whatever
But now it is all ashes and dust

Nothing ever stays the same
Things change with passing time
There is no hope that will stay
Nothing ever wins the game
Where life will be the crime
And it just seems to filter away

He looks at an old, faded photograph
Where the future seemed full of smiles
And where nothing ever seemed to rust
He looks at his grave and has to laugh
Facing the final curtain with many styles
Knowing that in the end there is ashes and dust

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Around Us

Alone by the candle light she thinks of him

Alone she eats a meal cooked just for one

Once upon a time he would sit opposite her

Once upon a time he would look at her

But now he watches from eyes that no longer see

But now he cries from eyes without any tears

His spirit is reaching out trying to touch her

His spirit is all that is left to remail in this reality

She senses he is still here and looking after her

She senses that his aura is all around her now

her kiss seems to others to embrace just empty air

Her kiss is felf by the soul of the man she loves still

We never see what is hidden just out of sight

We never see because we can never believe

Love never dies and will be felt always forever

Love never fades because we sense it still remains

Around us are the souls of the ones who have passed on

Around us they always will continue to live on in our hearts


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Another Unmade Bed

He sits up from the unmade bed
Feels the chill of the night air
The sting of whisky in his head
The ten dollar whore no longer there

Lives his life, selling from his car
Staying in one cheap motel each time
He used to think he would go far
But this job stripped him of his prime

He used to have a wife, so long ago
But he walked out on her, and his son
Thought he would be rich, he never wanted to know
Now he has only regrets for all he has done

No one has any money to buy anymore
The prices keep on getting higher
He coughs, then he spits on the floor
He wishes he could find just one buyer

As he pisses the whiskey inside of him
The dirty mirror reflects his sorry state
Wishes that he never took this job on the whim
But he can't go back, it is far too late

Packs the suitcase and it is time to go
Finding another poor town to drive to
Business might pick up, it's been too slow
If no one buys, he will drive on through

Until he stops for more cheap whiskey to drink
Until he picks up another ten dollar whore
Deeper into this life he will continue to sink
Hoping to still find the final big score

copyright Chris Smith 2009

Another Breed Of Hatred

I hate living on this planet

I can never understand it

In blood sport we are thrilled

It is kill or be killed

If man is damaged we keep him alive

But a sick animal can not suvive

For our own kind we can care

But anything else we will not spare

In the heat we drink water by the shower

But we do not keep any for a flower

We just let them wither away and die

While we enjoy the sunny blue sky

For the wrong religion they blow us up

We retaliate when we have had enough

We hate any foreign country in haste

Money on weapons we can afford to waste

Even our own children they will violate

Take away childhood until it is too late

So another breed of hatred can grow

Taking its' toll on everyone you know


copyright Chris Smith 2008


My brother, how are you today?
Have those demons come away?
For your own sanity is at the border
You are always fighting behaviour disorder

Long ago we play those forgotten games
I did wrong, you were the one everyone blames
I remember as boys, we laughed and cried
My youngest brother, you have always tried

I remember, your job as bouncer on club doors
Then drugs destroyed that mind of yours
But my brother, even though I may be far away
My thoughts are always there for you each day

This life has been cruel to you, my brother Andrew
In truth, it could never tame a soul just like you
Even now I know how you must fight this insanity
You still will always be that hero to me

copyright Chris Smith 2010

An Angel Came

Last night I had the strangest dream
An Angel came and took my hand
She opened her wings and we flew
Forever high until we reached Heaven
She showed me to another world
Unlike the world far down below

Children played, black and white together
All races and creed walked side by side
The lion walked with a baby lamb
A little three year old girl giggled
As she rode on the back of a white wolf
Up above I could feel the sun shine down

I saw John Lennon and Bob Marley laughing
John Wayne in talks with Buddy Holly
A mouse and cat played gently together
This whole world was a marvel to see
No ocean but fish swam in the sky
Dolphins swimming next to the sharks

The Angel turned and she spoke to me
"Please do not judge our God", she said
"Those little children tormented to die"
"When down below in the world of yours"
"Will be reborn here and be at peace"
"For God can not stop the evil below"

I understood, for all the bad that we see
Of people who suffer and the things we do
God will never tresspass in our dormain
The souls will be reborn in this perfect place
To begin anew and to always be protected
Away from all the hate and bathed in love

I awoke and wished I could still dream
And I knew I would return there once again
When the right time came for me to go back
So until then, I will walk in this place of ours
Knowing that Heaven is now waiting up above
While down here we are all living in Hell

copyright Chris Smith 2007