Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bideaway Cottage

Take a trip to Bideaway Cottage
With thatch, yellow like the sun
And the windows gleam in reflection
When caught in the wonder of light

Mister Bideaway always seems to smile
He sees the marvellous time of day
While the blind people always go by
For they never say hello, or never look up

Mrs Bideaway loves the pretty flowers
And spends the time to smell their scent
But people trample on the flowers outside
Never having the time to watch their step

Baby Bideaway plays happily with his red ball
Bouncing it each and every single day
But some seem to be lost in so much confusion
Because they have so many toys with which to play

Bideaway dog loves to run around with joy
Always you can see him wagging with glee
But the other dogs never seem to go anywhere
They always keep on chasing their tails

And as the sun begins to set on Bideaway Cottage
And all there are wishing us all a goodnight
Their dreams will be of peaceful slumber
Hoping the rest of us escape from the dark

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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