Saturday, 6 November 2010

Blessed Are

Blessed are the children
From all around the World
With the joy that they give us
And the future belongs to them

Blessed are the soldiers
Who give their lives every day
So we can try to live on in peace
Without fear of not waking from our dreams

Blessed are the real friends
That pick you up when you fall down
Who bring a smile to your face
For those friends never turn you away

Blessed are the writers
Who deliver us the words
That we share in the adventure
That we share in their soul

Blessed are the women
Who keep our hearts always warm
Always there to give us their love
Finding us whenever we are lost

Blessed are the nurses
For they tend to the very sick
Try to put us back on our feet
Working all hours for our needs

Blessed are those not mentioned
Who go about life each passing day
Doing everything that we ask of them
Being there when we want them to be

But blessed are you
Who come to read my poems
Because this poet would be nothing
Without a dear reader like you


copyright 2009

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