Saturday, 20 November 2010


All I seem to do is hurt

Cause sorrow to those I love

I know what I should

But I make the same mistakes

I try to find the right word

The one I need to say

I would change if I could

If I only knew how

I feel you drifted away

And it is all my mistake

For my sins I will pay

For my sins I will suffer

Everytime you stay with me

I always seem to do you wrong

I cause you too much pain and misery

It happens with all that I try

I am sorry I always hurt you

I am sorry I always make you cry

I always try to keep being true

I always turn into a beast

Forgive when times go wrong

Forgive for always being a fool

Forgive me when I need to be strong

Forgive me for causing you hurt


copyright Chris Smith 2009

How Many Times

How many times will we see
A child crying in misery
Alone and suffering, he will find
That sometimes the world is blind
It never sees mental or physical pain
What it never sees it will never explain

Where children are our future and our hope
Those that are scared or scarred can not cope
Their lives should not be allowed to be this deep
For each child that suffers I will always weep
I will pray for them that the evil will cease
Pray that they will, at last, live again in peace

I will fight to protect them until the day I die
Every child that hurts I will never pass them by
For Gods sake, why does this always happen again
A baby or child does not deserve this pain
This world is like a living hell for them
How many times for it to end and not be a problem


copyright Chris Smith 2005


How can you look at the world
when the wars that are fouught
Leave the dead across the land
Giving us so many forgotten heroes
Let this fighting now be over

How can the heart be broken
When we are supposed to be strong
And follow our own brave hearts
Which should protect us from pain
But the heart never understands love

How do we face the darkness when it comes
When it arrives and swallows us whole
Leaving us feeling the cold touch at last
Embracing the endless void that awaits us now
But we never want to wait for it alone

How do I cope when everything has fallen apart
I just look out and I reach for you there
I feel the glow of your harmonic friendship
And it helps me to keep on going strong
That is what we strife for when we have one another

copyright Chris Smith 24th October 2009

Hour Glass

The hour glass is counting down,
Counting down one speck at a time

She awaits for him, her faraway lover
Watching the lonely ocean
Waves lashing at the shore
Wishing it brought her this love

He is writing these words you read
He is feeling so far from her kiss
Time is moving so very slowly
Each second is agony without her

They are so close, but so far away
Both never knew love could be this way
Now closing their eyes, to feel each others touch
Almost touching now, but still worlds apart

The hour glass is counting down,
Counting down one speck at a time

copyright Chris Smith 2010


Hell has come calling
Outside I am falling
Panic strikes like a fist
Each thought like a mist
Leaving me sinking
Endlessly thinking
Shadows now surround me
Suffocating in my misery


copyright Chris smith 2009

Hold Me

Watching you

Loving you

I care

For you

I desire

Your body

I need

You close

You are

My life

Be here

Near me

So close

With me

So special

All woman

My heart

Is yours

My soul

Is yours

Take me

To Heaven

This night

Hear me

I say

Hold me


copyright Chris Smith 2009


Do not break his heart

For you are the one he adores

Never break and be apart

For you know he is always yours

Trust him, on his love rely

He will never let you down

When things get bad, he will try

In your tears he will not let you drown

Unlike him, I am cursed to be lonely

Unlike him, could I stay true

Unlike him, for you his eyes love only

Unlike him, I do not have you

copyright Chris smith 2009

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Hey You

Hey you,

With your bowler hat and your umbrella
Wearing your black suit and tie
You think you're special, dontcha fella
If only knew that it is all a lie

You are rushing to attend some new meeting
Having secret sex with your new secretary
With no idea, at home, your wife is cheating
Having her way with the gardener, getting merry

Silly fool, you think you're richer than the rest
You think your money will buy you everything
Even the poorest man can beat you at his best
Because he has something in his life to bring

Hey you,

Did you listen and hear me talking?
Or did you ignore me, because the truth hurts deep
Don't look back, just carry on walking
You just block it out, your mind is asleep

Go about your business, and make another pointless deal
Your own children will never learn to love you
All because you have never learnt to feel
Living through all the lies, never seeing what is true

You believe you are the upper class of the country
When all you really are is just another circus clown
You carry on, going through your life so empty
Just a mister nobody with a broken crown

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Heroes Union

They gathered together as friends

Now men who once were boys

Schoolyard now long forgotten

Hot sands are the battle ground

Soldiers now ready to fight

Joined together in heroes union

Watched as a friend died

Did not see the mine planted

It was hidden in the road

Drove over and was unaware

There was nothing left to bury

Now remembered in heroes union

Carried a fallen comrade to safety

Ignored the pain in the legs

Took the bullets as he went on

He was not going to fall

He now lives life as an amputee

A member of the heroes union

Looking out on a million graves

Of forgotten soldiers fallen in battle

Of those pilots, sailors and marines

Who risked their lives to save ours

Can you feel my tears shed for them

All the brave souls of the heroes union


copyright Chris smith 2009

Here I Sit

Here I sit
Head in hand
Feeling so alone

I hate that day
The anniversary
Of the terror I felt

Please make it go away
Just take away the past
Because I want to forget

Those bastards caused this
They did this thing to me
They don't suffer like I do

The 24th of July is coming
And I want to hide away
To break down and cry

Then, when I come here
When I write my words
I know I am among friends

copyright Chris smith 2010
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Her Face

It's gone
Moving on
Life dreams
Always seems
Times past
Never last

Looking back
Always black
Never proud
Dark cloud
Over head
Tears instead

Can't understand
Looks bland
Words written
Twice bitten
Never shy
Lover rely

Finding passion
New fashion
So sweet
To meet
Kisses grace
Her face

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Heed This Poem Of Darkest Days

Heed this poem of darkest days
Hide yourself when Nightmare plays
When you know, those shadows wait
Time runs out, and it is too late

Tears of fire are burning your cheeks
Forbidden secrets that grimly seeks
Draining your life, leaving you dry
Where there is no sound to cry

When blackened terror comes knocking your door
Leaving you empty, and pleading for more
But this emptiness surrounds you
This desperation comfounds you

The icy touch of fear in your head
You listen to voices of lingering dead
Haunting you now, in so many ways
Heed this poem of darkest days

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Head And The Heart

To write from the heart is difficult
Expressing the emotions you feel
Telling of the love that blesses
And keeps you going strong

Of the love that tore you apart
And ripped out your very soul
Leaving you on the ground, bleeding
That is another kind of love, it hurts

Of the happiness that you feel
For the friends, you love to make smile
Making them laugh with a word or two
Sharing the merriment deep inside

Of the anger that grips, that enrages you
Sharing the fury that blows like the wind
Building up, roaring like a hurricane
Because this rage, in words, is released

That is the heart talking, in so many ways
So much to share, to express to the world
Some may hide from the reflection of your words
But you need to speak, to let that heart beat free

Now the head, it takes over, giving out reason
Sometimes it shows logic in so many ways
Afraid to see beyond those emotions shared
When imagination is shown in so many ways

The head and the heart fight with confliction
Never agreeing on what the other thinks
Yes, we are all guilty of going with the head
When we should feel what is in our heart


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Friday, 19 November 2010

Gun Slinger

He rode into town on a black horse

Rode into town with death in his heart

He knew he had to live out his course

Knew his life always had death as a part

He strolled over towards the saloon

Looking for the man he hunted for so long

Knew they would come face to face soon

Punish him for the things he did wrong

Now in the street they are face to face

They know why they are here for

Watching, the people slowly pace

Waiting for when one will draw

Like a flash, out comes the gun

Like a flash, the bullet will fly

The gun blazes hot like the sun

And today a man has to die

The gun slingers' job is done

Another life is gone and burned

He now puts away the killing gun

And collects the money he earned


copyright Chris Smith 2005

Guide Them Home

I am on my knees
Will you hear me please?
Find the little children alone
Will you guide them home?

Show them that we love them
Show them how much we care
Show them that we are above them
Let them know that we are there

Light a candle for them to see
Give them a guiding light to follow
Give them these words from me
Bring them home today instead of tomorrow

I am on my knees
Will you hear me please?
Find the little children alone
Will you guide them home?

copyright Chris Smith 2009

Grey Skies

Grey Skies

Rain Falls

Pouring down

From above

Hitting us

Making us

Soaking wet

So cold

Feels good

So refreshed

We laugh

And kiss


copyright Chris Smith 2009


Give me the colour of life

The colour across the world

That shows us Mother Nature

And brings all as one

Give me the colour green

Green is a vision of growth

The first blade of new grass

The power of the trees

The equality of what we do

The colour of all nature

Let us all be at peace

Live with in the green of life

For Heaven will have a green

A place for the garden of Eden

I will follow the green forever

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Grasping For Hope

I feel the pain in my veins
It is screaming to be heard
Always the agony remains
It all seems to be absurd

Why do we do what we do?
And then we try to carry on
So much we have to go through
All we want to do is to belong

Sometimes I feel I am a wreck
That I have reached a slump
I should tie a rope around my neck
And then all I could do is jump

Words are all I have left to give
I can not fit in, I am not allowed
Empty shell that still tries to live
One more victim lost in the crowd

And then I can see her face before me
Bringing me back from the brink
And this shell is no longer empty
My mind is once more open to think

Then I see the friends that make me strong
Making me believe in myself once more
I love them all, for with them I belong
They help it all worth writing for


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Grampy Abe

I have forgiven my own attackers

Forgiven the one who cheated on me

Even though she told me to kill myself

That no one would come to love my scars

I battled long against my depression

Won some battles, some I have lost

The years have never been easy

Hatred could easily had swallowed me

I was molded by those now gone

A grandfather I loved with respect

He was not my true one by blood

He was a black African and he was proud

And Grampy, today I am missing you

You taught me who I would come to be

Some would only see you as a black man

My eyes only see you with pride

Abraham Rachid, your soul is always near

I feel you when I am needing you most

I reach out and I touch your spirit

Your soul always helps me to stand tall


copyright Chris Smith 2008

Grace Of The Dancer

The grace of the dancer

As she moves on the floor

Would you dare to romance her

Watch her dance some more

I love the way that she moves

It is memerising to me

Watching her and my soul soothes

It is as she dances for these eyes to see

I will be lost in her bodys spell

Dance with her and I touch

She glides with movement so well

I need to watch her so much

Look at the wonder of her face

An Angel dancing in time

She shows all of her grace

She dances in all of her prime


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Gothic Lover

She is the dark feel of the night
She is the mystery with no light
She hides away in her own pain
She knows how to drive me insane

No one can be as she can be
My gothic lover can never be free
I can see it all deep in her eyes
No one has seen the tears she cries

I know what I feel is wrong
My will slips and is not strong
She is sending temptation my way
I feel my soul wanting to stray

She is taking me down dark places
Teasing me as my body feels her traces
Kissing me and biting me with her lust
Not waiting and wanting my body to thrust

I am lost in her body this very night
Each sensation inside her takes away the light
She wants me badly and our bodies glisten
Our sweat mingles as creatures of the night listen

My passion is ready, deep inside her it fills
She takes it all with her lust and her skills
Her body is hot and I can feel her heat
She wants me more as my heart will beat

All this night, until the light of day
She never stops for this is her wicked way
I surrender knowing that she will always win
For I am a prisoner to her desire and sin

She now vanishes from where she came
I know I will be back to play her game
No one can match her, there can be no other
I will always come for my gothic lover

copyright Chris Smith 2008 (revised 2009)

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Once upon a time my heart danced

Now it is torn from my very soul

Once upon a time we romanced

Now I am just a gapping hole

You are gone and left me incomplete

I feel this lonely life begin to creep

With you our love was the meaning of elite

Now I am left here, where no one sees me weep

This man, this heart is in isolation and pain

Not knowing how to be able to move on

My tears are hidden by the cold rain

I have lost her now and she is gone

copyright January 2009

Chris Smith

Give Me The Week

Sunday        -  give me faith

Monday       -  give me love

Tuesday      -  give me hope

Wednesday -  give me a wish

Thursday    -  give me passion

Friday          -  give me desire

Saturday      -  give me you


copyright Chris Smith 1998

Give Me A Song

Could there be a time to choose?

Will there be a time to loose?

We are victims of life to give

We all need love to share it with

Can we forgive what we have done?

Can we sing the songs now all sung?

Give me a chance, give me a sign

Give me a reason it will be mine

Give me a heart, give me hope

Give me a reason I can cope

Can you hear what I am trying to say?

Or will you just come turn me away?

Please will you try to understand me?

Can we all live how we are meant to be?

But can we just learn to try to live?

Can we find a way that we can give?

Give me life, give me some time

Give me a reason it will be mine

Give me a World, give me some scope

Give me a reason I can cope

I want to be able to be strong

Give me, give me a song

I want the World to get along

Give me, give me a song


copyright Chris Smith 2007


Hey girl I wonder why you do
Things that just seem absurd
Things that you do to you
To make yourself hurt

You take a knife and twist
And you make a deep cut
Why do you cut your wrist
Pain in the eyes you shut

I know you are feeling down
People knock you about everything
And then the sorrows you drown
Please do not let them win

I see you swallow another pill
Wanting to kill your fear
Just throw them out the window sill
Please remember I am here

   copyright Chris smith 2004


I live in darkness, in hidden caverns
Dwelling below the graves above
I hate the light for it burns me
Causing my flesh to bubble and melt

I feed on those that have been buried
The dead become my banquet, my feast
I devour each decayed body with relish
Even the bones snap as I swallow them

I can not eat the living, it is my curse
I fear HIM far above for it is forbidden
To taste fresh meat and drink sweet blood
If only I was brave enough to be tempted

It is a lonely life, sometimes I find a mate
A human woman, that is caught in the dark
I drag her down into the furthest caverns
She screams as I take my lust in blackness

I never feed them, only use them for mating
They starve to death and I let them ripen
If they are pregnated by my seed inside
My child will dine of the decaying remains

It is how we breed but humans are strange
Centuries ago they hunted us, destroyed us
Some of us hid, sleeping for those centuries
But I have now come awake in this new time

They drive metal machines, I see them at night
Metal machines even fly high up above me
I fear I am now the last remaining of my kind
So I must hunt young female women to breed

My kind will rear up and dominate this new world
That has long forgotten my kind, I will remind them
They think my race only fantasy, they will learn
They will be reintroduced into knowing true fear

And my offspring will no long live in fear anymore
No longer will we be only satisfied on the dead
This is a time for my new race to also change
So humans now beware, we will devour the living


copyright Chris smith 2010

Ghost train

You thought it was only fun
The nightmares seemly just a dream
You thought you could laugh, but it's begun
All you can do now is only scream

The creepy old man took your money
Something wasn't right, but you didn't think
Now the horror has started, it's no longer funny
Deeper into this terror you will sink

There is no escape, on this dark ride
Trapped on here, forever to remain
Opened doors swallowed you up inside
You are going to Hell on the Ghost Train

Condemned souls that drown in blood, you pass
Prisoners burning in Brimstone flame, you see
There is no getting off, you're way out of your class
You are his captive now, you will never be set free

You can feel the fear coming from deep down inside
One last tilt, one last drop, as you turn the bend
This is it now, this is the final part of the ride
He is waiting for you, Satan is there at the end

There is no escape, on this dark ride
Trapped below now, forever to remain
Hell swallowed you up, there is no place to hide
You are trapped by the Devil on the Ghost Train


copyright Chris smith 2010


Open your eyes, do you see me?

Standing alone in the cold rain

Open you heart, can I be free?

Or a ghost to only remain.

I travel a world and I am unseen

A man who is left in the corner.

Nobody can tell where I've been.

Nobody can disrespect my honour.

I feel like I am an invisible man.

My words come as only silent sounds.

Always an endless mile I have ran.

Aching feet pounding on the hostile grounds.

A captive here, in the dark shadows of my mind.

I am screaming, still unheard, to be let out.

I am still lost for nobody to ever find.

Everyone ignores my voice, it is an empty shout.

Open your eyes, do you see me?

Standing alone in the cold rain

Open you heart, can I be free?

Or a ghost to only remain.


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Game Of Life

I play this game they call life.

There will be a day when I will loose.

I try to understand which are the rules.

Or which are the ones I should choose.

This game seems to be an endless struggle.

It just changes everytime I play.

But I will refuse to ever give up.

If I can ever win it some day.

Some seem to know how to play it right.

There are those who play it so very wrong.

And those who play it and are the weak.

I want to be the one who plays it strong.

This game of life we can never win.

We are unable to follow it to the bitter end.

We will always fail to try to win this game.

We all will have to one day bend.


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Full Moon

Dripped in blood,he stalks

Hear the unholy howling

Within the fullest moon, he walks

One bite will be a curse

Young maiden, he tears her to shreads

Her entrails are shrewn across the ground

More victims decapitated, missing heads

Torn from their torso by supernatural strength

By day, you will never find him turned into man

By the full moon, it is the night of the beast

A demon, a creature causing chaos with all he can

Death and horror are now his feeding grounds

Joins in a pack with those of his own kind

Hunters come and shoot with bullets of pure silver

Spreading the curse with poor souls they find

Only one escape from this wicked life is only death


copyright Chris Smith 2009

From Me

Living an empty life

Causing me so much strife

Crawling out of this hole

That is my empty soul

But there are better things

Knowing what life brings

Something that is always true

Someone just like you

You lift my spirits high

Give me a reason to try

Take my emptiness away

Each and every day

For here I am now

No longer a tortured brow

Having a reason to be

So I thank you from me


copyright Chris Smith 2009

From Heaven You Fell

I see you in my mind

A beauty standing there

You are one of a kind

Kiss you if I dare

Make love on a satin sheet

Kiss and never tell

Passion as two bodies meet

From Heaven you fell

Tender love we will make

Two spirits are set free

But when I do awake

Will you be with me?

copyright Chris Smith 2006


There are those friends

That are close to you

They are always there

They are always true

Some become lovers

And share in your life

They also show they care

Through all trouble and strife

Some are like beautiful sisters

Some are like a protective brother

Guiding you from the troubles

No true friend is the same as each other

False friends come and they go

Take advantage when you are low

Abandon you in time of need

Never wanting to know

But friends like you I truly love

Cherish all you have to say

My friend you are deep in my heart

And will be on each passing day


copyright Chris Smith 2008


When I could not find the strength
To carry my weight, feeling a burden
Ready to fall on to my knees
Grasping at the ground, ready to crawl
You came to me, you found me in the dark
You lifted me up and carried me home
Your shoulders straining, but you never let me fall
And for that I will always give you my last
Share with you my food when you have none
Write the poetry that you always cherish to read
I thank you for being there when I needed you the most
I bless you for still being there when I need you more
Your eyes are the mirrors of a true comrade in arms
You are more than just my friend, you are my brother
You are more than just a friend, you are my sister
And for that, this poet loves you as my family, my friends


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Friday In September

We met in September

On that Friday I do remember

That day I fell in love with you

You caught me in your heart so true

Do you remember our first kiss

Do you remember our first wish

The promises that we made

Promises that will never fade

You make my happiness complete

You are my every heart beat

You have shown me how to be free

When I fell for you, you caught me


copyright Chris Smith 2004


He came to set his people free

To fight for he knew was right

He had to let them all see

To bring them into the light

Taught them how to protect their land

Made warriors out of humble men

To make battle and let them understand

To fight for freedom, again and again

Battled on in blood and in glory

Until the day he faced them all alone

And history will never forget his story

A man for until battle they did hone

They tried to break his spirit, his very soul

He defied the torture, the pain, the kingdom

Died with one word that continued to grow

A word that became immortal, a word called freedom

copyright Chris Smith 2009


I saw beauty in the world today

Heaven came to me to stay

I saw colours of every flower

I saw the majestic Oak tower

People greeted me with a smile

They chatted for a while

The sky shone a beautiful blue

The grass beneath my feet felt so true

The world laughed along with me

I am now feeling free


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Fragile Life

A fragile life we sometimes lead
Sorrow, with tears, that we bleed
A body and soul now battered
A broken heart, all shattered

Our time flows just like a stream
Where no one ever hears our scream
Reality, we watch just fade away
Insanity comes and leads us astray

"He has crazy thoughts", I hear them say
"He is a strange one", I hear then say
All they ever do is talk about me
I am a stranger lost within the city

Colours are changing their tone
Cold icicles freeze me to the bone
I feel this strain, over and over again
There never is any escape from this pain

I surrender now, into a world not mine
A world of torment in a mind once fine
I feel the emptiness turning into bile
We are all lost, in this life so fragile


copyright Chris Smith 1998

Forgotten Heroes And Villains

All the greatest heroes came out to fight

Batman, Sherlock Holmes, Hercules and all the rest

To face the greatest villains out that night

The ones that were the most evil at their best

The villains were going to take over the Universe and rule

But not one of them really wanted to share

The heroes were the ones honest and true

They were always ready to fight honest and fair

But both heroes and villains failed to see the greatest menace of all

For who wants to read what they can not see

So both heroes and villains, one by one would fall

Forgotten in books, because everyone now watches TV

copyright Chris Smith 2001

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Forgive To Forget

One last heart, now broken
Smashed now on the floor
One last word, left unspoken
They can not take it, anymore

There was love, there were chances
But it always gets taken away
They never look back, no more glances
The lies told, is price you pay

You can never repair what is bust
When it can never be repaired
You can never give back the trust
Of the secrets that you once shared

So through my fault, I stay alone
I have thrown my last dice
This man is better on his own
His heart is now a block of ice

Thinking back, over the recent past
Remembering of how they first met
Beautiful memories will always last
But you can not forgive what you can not forget


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Forever Alone

Together we dance in the dark
I am entranced by your heart beat
The throbbing of the blood in your veins
One kiss to your neck and the bite is tempting
To make us be as one for all of eternal unlife

But the love stops me from stealing your soul
To make you as one, the same as I am
I dwell within the darkened shadows, avoiding the light
And these feelings for you conflict the evil of myself
So I deny this need to feed from your life of sweet essence

I will never allove you to fall into the nightmare, my love
You remind me of the life that was taken from me long ago
There are those who will hunt me down and destroy what I am
I will protect you from them and my love for you is undying
I am an unholy creature of the dead made alive by your touch

My tears will always fall unseen by the radiance of your eyes
Knowing I will exist in the blood moon forever more
And you will one day fade away and be taken from me to a better place
You will succumb to the embrace of death, something I will never do
This time with you is precious for I am condemned to be forever alone


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Forbidden Love

He knew he had forbidden love
He wanted it by the Gods above
But he should have realised the score
After all, they were two families at war

But she loved him more than anything
More than life could ever bring
But what would happen if her father knew
Her father would kill him, that was true

So what could these two lovers decide
For their love they did not want to hide
They knew in Heaven they could fly forever
So Romeo and Juliet had to die together


copyright Chris Smith 2003

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

For Rest Eternal

She is the night beauty
With her long black hair
Eyes of emerald green
Desired by any man

This lady of the darkness
She needs to feel their touch
Their desire and their need
To make her come alive

She will feed from them
Taste of the red nectar
But they will feel no pain
They will lost in their lust

She will never drain them dry
Only take what she must
To satisify the thirst she has
And give them her body in return

She loves to feel them move
As her body responds to them
The heat of a moment of desire
Making her feel like a woman alive

She can only exist within the night
Never able to feel the sun touch her
Her lust is something they can never keep
For into the darkness she will be gone

copyright Chris Smith 2010


Be he a beast in form of man.

Jagged razor bells adorn his head.

Manic smile across his face.

This is not a Jester to laugh with.

For he will steal your life and soul.

Watch him dance across the graves.

Evil heart he has deep inside him.

Preying on the unsuspected victims.

Playing games that only amuse his dark soul.

Playing games so he can watch you die.

Wide eyes that stare from an untold blackness.

An insanity that can never know no bounds.

A laughter that sounds like the edge of night.

He is waiting to play a game of death with you.

You can call him Folly, for Folly is always his name.

copyright Chris Smith 2009

Following My Destiny

Destiny came calling one night

I saw her face in the candle light

She smiled at me and blew me a sweet kiss

I caught in my hand and could not miss

Destiny came in from the rain

As it spat on my window pane

She sat on a chair and watched me

I gazed at her eyes and saw her beauty

Destiny came closer and held my hand

Together in our embrace we did stand

I felt the heat of her lips touch mine

I knew she was showing me a sign

Destiny left to go out the door

I chased after her wanting more

She showed me how I could be free

And now I am following my Destiny

copyright Chris Smith 2009

Follow Your Rainbow

When life is beginning to go bad

And all your troubles seem to flow

All things happening make you sad

Follow your rainbow, follow your rainbow

When others are being so cruel

And you can not find someone to know

No one there to speak to you

Follow your rainbow, follow your rainbow

And when the times seem so tough

And you feel sad tears start to grow

Feel like you have had enough

Follow your rainbow, follow your rainbow

Follow your rainbow until you reach the end

Follow your rainbow and then you will see

Follow your rainbow to meet your friend

Follow your rainbow right to me

copyright Chris Smith 2008

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Flames Of Delight

The sweet nectar of your lips

The taste that leads me to Heaven

The movement from your hips

Pure magic of your touch

Give me the reason to desire

To crave everything that you have

To ignite this soul on fire

And bask in your flames of delight

Let me spell you out this feeling

The feeling of want and of need

Just give me a chance to taste from you

Of your love that I want to feed

copyright Chris Smith 2008

Five Minutes

Wondering how long you have got

How long before the fatal blow

No way to try and stop the rot

There is only five minutes to go

Time seems to be going too fast

You always reap what you sow

Nothing is ever meant to last

Only now four minutes to go

Sometimes you hope it is a dream

But you feel the reality grow

Nothing left now but to scream

With now only two minutes to go

The end too soon will come

You feel cold shivers start to grow

It is always the end for some

There are no more minutes left to go


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Fire In Her Eyes

She was the girl of my dreams

To help me in my midnight cries

Taking away my nightmare screams

With the fire in her eyes

When I am alone she is always there

Someone for me to cherish and hold

And our problems we will share

For she has a heart of gold

She will break open my shell

Make sure my heart never dies

She will face my living hell

With the fire in her eyes

When I am scared she will take my hand

And lead me to safety across the mine field

She will help me to understand

That she will protect me in her shield

She will protect me in the dark night

She will be there right until sunrise

She will always be my guiding light

With the fire in her eyes

copyright Chris Smith 2004

Finding Spirit

I awaken into a strange dream

Alone in a room, feeling isolated

A dull ache, throbbing in my head

This World seems to be rejecting me

No matter how I try to find my way

Facing up to my imperfection

I open my door and I step out

The World is smirking at me

Pointing fingers, degrading me

I see people, coming out of the dark

Covering their eyes, ears and mouth

Trying to hide away, playing solitaire

I try to reach, to touch one person

But they never respond to me there

In desperation, I shake them this time

One soul comes awake, rescued from torment

So we go to the others, and bring them back

An untold number, daring to fight against it

Alone, we can be dragged down and defeated

But together we can be anything we want to be

I feel it around me, our spirit has returned


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Find Me

When I am lost and all alone

No one there and on my own

When I can see no one here

And I only have my fear

Come and find me, find me

When I have lost my way

And I can find nowhere to stay

Being left out in the cold

With no one left to hold

Come and find me, find me

Find me and take me back

Make it white when all is black

Keep me safe by your side

Find me and keep me inside

Come and find me, find me

When all I feel is the rain

No one there to take the strain

When I am drenched down to my feet

Alone in a cold and damp street

Come and find me, find me

When I have now given up the ghost

And I really need you the most

When I need you close to my side

To keep me safe where I can hide

Come and find me, find me

Find me and keep me by

Find me and keep me dry

Find me and always be true

Find me with all that you do

Come and find me, find me


copyright Chris Smith 2007

Fields Of Blood

Can you hear the sound,
Of drummers marching?
Can you hear the pipes,
As the pipers are playing.

Go forth, yon brave men,
Fight for the country today.
March on, march for battle,
The fields will run with blood.

Centuries ago, they fought for country,
Times never change for they fight still.
Guns replace swords, bombs replace arrows,
Go forth brave souls, you are fighting still.

When this battle ends, remember the dead,
They fought with honour, fought with pride.
Be remembered boys, we will not forget thee,
There will be flowers, always, on fields of blood

copyright Chris Smith 2010