Friday, 19 November 2010


I live in darkness, in hidden caverns
Dwelling below the graves above
I hate the light for it burns me
Causing my flesh to bubble and melt

I feed on those that have been buried
The dead become my banquet, my feast
I devour each decayed body with relish
Even the bones snap as I swallow them

I can not eat the living, it is my curse
I fear HIM far above for it is forbidden
To taste fresh meat and drink sweet blood
If only I was brave enough to be tempted

It is a lonely life, sometimes I find a mate
A human woman, that is caught in the dark
I drag her down into the furthest caverns
She screams as I take my lust in blackness

I never feed them, only use them for mating
They starve to death and I let them ripen
If they are pregnated by my seed inside
My child will dine of the decaying remains

It is how we breed but humans are strange
Centuries ago they hunted us, destroyed us
Some of us hid, sleeping for those centuries
But I have now come awake in this new time

They drive metal machines, I see them at night
Metal machines even fly high up above me
I fear I am now the last remaining of my kind
So I must hunt young female women to breed

My kind will rear up and dominate this new world
That has long forgotten my kind, I will remind them
They think my race only fantasy, they will learn
They will be reintroduced into knowing true fear

And my offspring will no long live in fear anymore
No longer will we be only satisfied on the dead
This is a time for my new race to also change
So humans now beware, we will devour the living


copyright Chris smith 2010

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