Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Finding Spirit

I awaken into a strange dream

Alone in a room, feeling isolated

A dull ache, throbbing in my head

This World seems to be rejecting me

No matter how I try to find my way

Facing up to my imperfection

I open my door and I step out

The World is smirking at me

Pointing fingers, degrading me

I see people, coming out of the dark

Covering their eyes, ears and mouth

Trying to hide away, playing solitaire

I try to reach, to touch one person

But they never respond to me there

In desperation, I shake them this time

One soul comes awake, rescued from torment

So we go to the others, and bring them back

An untold number, daring to fight against it

Alone, we can be dragged down and defeated

But together we can be anything we want to be

I feel it around me, our spirit has returned


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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