Thursday, 18 November 2010

Fragile Life

A fragile life we sometimes lead
Sorrow, with tears, that we bleed
A body and soul now battered
A broken heart, all shattered

Our time flows just like a stream
Where no one ever hears our scream
Reality, we watch just fade away
Insanity comes and leads us astray

"He has crazy thoughts", I hear them say
"He is a strange one", I hear then say
All they ever do is talk about me
I am a stranger lost within the city

Colours are changing their tone
Cold icicles freeze me to the bone
I feel this strain, over and over again
There never is any escape from this pain

I surrender now, into a world not mine
A world of torment in a mind once fine
I feel the emptiness turning into bile
We are all lost, in this life so fragile


copyright Chris Smith 1998

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