Saturday, 20 November 2010

How Many Times

How many times will we see
A child crying in misery
Alone and suffering, he will find
That sometimes the world is blind
It never sees mental or physical pain
What it never sees it will never explain

Where children are our future and our hope
Those that are scared or scarred can not cope
Their lives should not be allowed to be this deep
For each child that suffers I will always weep
I will pray for them that the evil will cease
Pray that they will, at last, live again in peace

I will fight to protect them until the day I die
Every child that hurts I will never pass them by
For Gods sake, why does this always happen again
A baby or child does not deserve this pain
This world is like a living hell for them
How many times for it to end and not be a problem


copyright Chris Smith 2005

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