Sunday, 14 November 2010

Darkness Creeps

Darkness creeps across the land
Engulfing it like a giant hand
Blackness of night surrounds you
Silent eyes watching through and through

Night is here, like a strange beast
Ready to pounce and to feast
Dark poets are ready for the word
They are ready to write the absurd

Fear comes running through a vein
Striking hard like something insane
Creatures from shadows are coming alive
Find a hideaway so you can survive

Cold shivers you feel this very night
Watched by something never seen in light
Hidden in the furthest reach of a nightmare
Stalking your terror so you must beware

In this darkness your blood runs cold
Sensing those terrors that are untold
You are praying for the morning to come
Before this darkened night you succumb


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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