Sunday, 14 November 2010

Dark Thoughts

I sit here facing my shadow

The only thing that stays here

But it deserts me at the cold night

Leaves me rotting in my fear

I feel the daggers through my heart

Each night you are not there

Each burning sensation of pain

Remembering those moments we had to share

Death is in hiding, and tormenting me

I try to keep away from his cold and icy touch

But this life seems to be laughing at my sorrow

This sorrow that is wanting you so very much

Darkest thoughts, my blood runs cold in my veins

My fault of a lost love that was my fault to deprave

I should had held on and never had let it go

The only comfort I see now, is my own grave

But I am forced to dwell forever in my own dark World

A soul that has been stripped bare and left empty

And all I see is the growing blackness engulfing my body

Tears burn my face in this damnation of complete misery

I am not brave to let my blood cascade these festered walls

To cut out this decaying heart with the sharpest knife

I know I must face what is left of my deserved isolation

To be condemned to face the bleakest time of my life

copyright Chris Smith 2009

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