Tuesday, 16 November 2010


All throught the night I dream

Because you are by my side

Caring in your special way

Dreaming as well, next to me

Each other dream of our love

For we dream together

Giving our love our hope

Hope that we cherish in our sleep

In our dreams we are always as one

Just being in our dreams here together

Knowing our love shines in our minds

Loving our souls and our bodies tonight

Mind and body reunited in our special place

Never being apart from our dreams and desires

On a higher plain of existence, together

Placing our promises and our love for ourselves

Quest of our salvation we find in each others arms

Reaching out and holding on for what we have

Special love belongs only to us this night

Two souls that entwine together for ever and ever

Under the dreams that protect our love at all times

Velvet kisses that we share in a dream scope

We never drift away from silver reflections of the heart

X marks the spot that our dreams take us now

Your dream to me is mine I share with you

Zodiac signs matched with love in dream

copyright Chris Smith 2009

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