Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Dream Train

I took a ride on the Dream Train

Visited the stations of my thoughts

Each station showed a different age

From a time when innocence was pure

Until I felt that innocence stripped away

Never thought each stop we found would hurt

Seeing back to my very first broken heart

And when I gathered up all of the pieces

And I managed to put them all back together again

Someone else came and once more broke them apart

We visited the station of the happiest times

When I felt that I could do nothing wrong

That time the sun shone down on to me

And I felt I was on top of the world

Until the storm clouds gathered and took it away

Came that time I did not want to get off this train

But the conductor said I had to visit every stop

I told him why should I have to care anymore

If all this pain is here to stay everywhere I go

He just shrugged at me and took my ticket

So now I wake up covered in a cold sweat

Why do dreams always seem to be real each time?

I feel this was really a nightmare ride I took

And here I am dreading to fall into sleep

I do not want to ride on that train again


copyright Chris Smith 2008

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