Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Falling Apart

This migraine never leaves me, it is there thumping.
I have tried blocking out this constant throbbing.
I have my hands in front of my eyes, hiding from the light,
It never works because that damned pain is still there.

My chest seems to be on fire, with all this coughing,
I am too stubborn for my own good to see a doctor.
I am wheezing and gasping for breath, I hate this.
Bringing up fluid and still fighting that headache.

Worst of all, is the sight smell coming from my leg,
This ulceration keeps coming back to haunt me.
Why won't it ever heal?, I don't need this in my life.
Maybe I should give up, I seem to be falling apart.

Right now, I would do anything to escape with a drink,
To forget all these curs'd troubles striking me down.
The problem with drinking alone is no one is there,
To share in these moments of desperate need.

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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