Saturday, 29 January 2011

Timeless Nightmares

Taken from a restless night
Images crawling in my sight
Mysterious touch of icy fingers
Every dark thought that now lingers
Left shivering, something there
Each heart beat, terror shall share
Shadows moving within my head
Skin is tingling with a fear to shed

Night holds something, evil waiting
In deepest threat, now anticipating
Growing visions of the unholy we know
Having nowhere to run, nowhere to go
Ticking manic laughing of the clock
Murderous beasts, my screams they mock
Answers never come, no mercy only misery
Rats scuttle in corners, showing no pity
Endless searching to find some hope
Suddenly comes Death with a hangmans' rope


Friday, 28 January 2011

Triman Reborn

I bet you forgot about me
Hiding away in the darkest recess
Locked within your deepest imagination
Thinking you were at last safe from me

Well, I am going to come back very soon
When you are least expecting to see me
Attacking within your nightmares this time
Playing new games with your very pysche

So you better keep an eye over your shoulder
For that glimpse of movement in a dark corner
Because I had no intention of staying defeated
When I so many to new souls to play with

No scarred monk will ever get the better of me
The story will start again, deadly that before
Listen to that whisper on the coldest of winds
When I ask once more, "Do you want to play a game"?


Triman Reborn (He's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccckkkkkkk), coming soon to a scream near you.

copyright (Hiding in fear) Chris Smith 2011