Saturday, 11 December 2010

Who Cares

Who cares

If we live or die

Who dares

To even try

Who cares

In all we do

Who shares

To try to be true

Who cares

To look inside

Who stares

To see what we hide

Who cares

If we die in the fight

Who bears

The arms of the might

Who cares

what love goes through

Who really cares

You do


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Whispers On The Wind

I hear the whispers on the wind
The calling in the dark of night
I listen to what the voices say
Telling stories of lives faded away
They seem to vanish come day light
Once again taken away on the wind

It is the gathering of past souls
Of those that have gone long before
Who once lived in a life to tell
But then came darkness and they fell
Now taken to the distant shore
Leaving behind the living like past souls

I hear them speak to me and I weep
Wanting to be heard one final time
Contacting me as they say goodbye
Fading voices, as into Heaven they fly
Then I see their shadow moving as to mime
Soon they are gone and for them I weep


copyright Chris Smith 2010


I can hear them, hear the whispers.

I feel them, leaving me out in the cold.

I wish they knew me, of how I feel.

But I fear I am just a victim of rumours.

Falling to the untruths and bitter words.

I can not stop them, they are the whispeps.

They are what make civilizations crumble.

They are the fall of the greatest men.

No power can stop them, can destroy them.

We will be victims, for we are always judged.

Listen to it now, hear the terror of whispers.

As they spread unneeded racist slurs.

It spreads and consumes like an inferno.

Destroying everything that lies in it's path.

For everyone believes a spreading tidal wave.

I have fallen, I have been murdered by whispers.

They came in the middle of the night to take me away.

They smothered me and then I was swallowed whole.

Now just a shadow that passes unnoticed on by.

Whispers were the down fall, careless whispers told.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Where Can they Play?

A great man once sang
"Where do the children play" ?
I listened to his words as they began
Of what he had to say

Used to be able to be safe in a yard
This world was never one to fear
Now mothers are always on their guard
They have to keep their little ones near

Turn your back, just for one moment
Will your child then be gone?
This is not the world God meant
It all seems to be wrong

I know of those fiends that use a cigarette
As a way to stop a child's cry
It seems to happen all the time, and yet
I am still ask that question "why" ?

Once children could always play in the park
But now on the ground, we see needles used
When did this world become so very dark ?
To allow a young life to be abused

No one seems to hear this plea
I want it all to finally end, to at last stop
No one opens their eyes to see
And that goes right up to the top

So world leaders, come and take a look around
Can you keep a new generation safe and free ?
Show us your voice, give it a sound
And then I know you have listened to me


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Where Are You

Where are you when I need you the most

One night has faded like a ghost

Passion has come and now it has gone

It is together that we must belong

Just one night, now I am left in my sorrow

Every day just leads into another tomorrow

How I wish that time I never had to go

Here I am now, tearing out my soul

Could you promise me we will meet together again one day?

Because this love I have inside will never fade away

It is so true when they say that love is blind

Because without you my eyes shall bind

No matter what happens, I shall always remember

One day, one night and passion like a burning ember

So all I am left now are these sad and lonely memories

But I still can feel your very kiss on the Summer breeze

So my darling, now you find me always waiting for you

Waiting for a sign, a word of your love that is always true

I count down the days until we are back together

Cherish you within these arms of mine forever


copyright Chris Smith 2009

When You Are Down

No one evers comes to see

If everything is going to be okay

They leave you feeling empty

And they all just go and walk away

Always when you are down

No one comes to lend a hand

They just leave you standing there

They never try to ever understand

Leave you to face your despair

Always when you are down

But I will show you I care

I will hold you close to me

I will give you my heart to share

Show how you can be free

I am there when you are down


copyright Chris Smith 2009

When There Was No Hope You Came To Me

Too many troubles build and stack

So many things all seem to be black

In those dark places I have been

All too many horrors my eyes have seen

Once upon a time, my words were born in fire

Written of that suffering I would feel

Then of so many problems I began to tire

I never allowed this soul of mine to heal

Drifted from one thing to the other

Took a drink then I would take another

I looked in the mirror for someone to blame

And only my reflection would feel that shame

So then I took out my pen to begin to write

Wrote down all those words that caused this sorrow

I would sleep and then read them when came the light

But I was always just looking for another hopeless tomorrow

Thought I would utter too many unheard screams

Thought I would have to face too many broken dreams

I never knew where all this would ever end

But then I saw you, you were there, my friend

You came and lifted me up, and you gave me back hope

You showed me love, something I never would have guessed

You touched my soul, and you helped me to cope

You came to me in my hour of need, now I am eternally blessed


copyright Chris Smith 2009

When The Time Comes

When the time comes, I will be here.
I will be found waiting until the end.
As that vast abyss awaits for me,
And I see the light of day no more.

When the birds stop singing,
Their last song has been sounded.
As the beauty of the flowers here,
Turn to dust and their radiance is gone.

When the Sun shines one last ray of heat,
And the cold comes to take that last embrace.
To see the lion walking, side by side, with the lamb
Both being silent, waiting together on a last moment.

When lovers cry together in one last tryst,
A moment where this pleasure means so much.
To hear as the Earth screams out to waiting ears,
And the rivers run with the tears of a billion souls.

When the last poem is written on a scrap of paper,
Before the ink finally runs dry from a dying pen.
Because when that time comes, I will be here.
I will be found in the company of wonderous friends.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

When The End Comes

The news had just come over

The World was going to end

So he rushed to his lover

Last kisses he would send

They had one day left together

Before it ending in a ball of flame

Crying and wishing time was forever

Loving each other so much the same

He held her tight, together they did cry

Knowing together,at the end, they would be

Together, when the end came, they would die

And that together, Heaven, they would see

He wished he had more time to love her

More time that he could still adore her

A little more time to be her lover

More time he could still ensure her

Not long before the end of the World will come

He weeps as he looks deep into her beautiful eyes

As long as she is here, Death will be welcome

Both now asleep, never to see another sun rise


copyright Chris Smith 2008

When The Darkness Comes

When the darkness comes.

I will be waiting for it.

With my eyes open wide.

With my soul still pure.

And with my soul still intact.

I will fight with pride.

With no going back.

I will try not to fall.

I will stand my ground.

Never bow down my head.

Let the darkness engulf me.

For my lady's light glows.

Her love gives me strength.

Against the impossible odds.

Showing me the way.


copyright Chris Smith 2009

When I Was Young

When I was young

I never had to worry

Never had to hurt

My heart was strong

Didn't fall in love

I was never left alone

When I was young

My friends were always around

We would stay out until dark

Play games we knew were safe

We never had to ever worry

We were always there for each other

When I was young

Life always seemed a dream

Read comic books for adventure

Imagination always kept me going

I would dream everything would be okay

There was never any threat or danger

When I was young

Oh God, the World was different then

Now children have to be watched

I never thought life would be like this

Everything so very much easier

Way back, when I was young


copyright Chris Smith 2009

When Death Comes

One day Death will come for me

To take me in her loving embrace

To come to set my soul free

To kiss me on my face

But I am not ready yet

For me to go with her

I still have may sun sets

Before we will be together

We all must face her one day

To take us to a better place

But not yet will she take me away

Her touch I am not ready to trace

I still have so many more years

Before I know that Death will come

And when she does, I will go with no fears

To lead me up to a better Kingdom


copyright Chris Smith 2009


When the sky is folded and put away

When tomorrow will never be another day

When we all take Heavens last steps

When the oceans no longer have depths

When soldiers no longer need to fight a war

When diamonds no longer show any flaw

When life at last comes to an end

When the Angels no longer have anything to send

When the Devil no longer sins and can take no more

When we know what will always be in store

When God has to at last hang up his cape

When we can find no more ways to escape

When all this happens and it all comes true

Even then I will never stop loving you

So let us sit hand and nand and wait for when

Because I will always love you again and again

copyright Chris Smith  April 27th 2009

Wheelchair Blues

Here I am, leg in plaster

Nurse with a needle, after me

Forgot the brake, can't go faster

Now all I get is woe and misery


I got those wheelchair blues

Suffering those wheelchair blues

Hear my wheelchair blues

I'm singing those wheelchair blues

Rushing to get that elevator again

Going quick and my hands are sore

I'm just too slow, because then

I end up crashing into the closed door


I got those wheelchair blues

Suffering those wheelchair blues

Hear my wheelchair blues

I'm singing those wheelchair blues

Showing off and think I'm clever

Should have taken my painkiller pill

You won't stop and wish I never

My fault for trying to go down hill


I got those wheelchair blues

Suffering those wheelchair blues

Hear my wheelchair blues

I'm singing those wheelchair blues

At last I can get out of the chair

But things will never be the same

Because now it just ain't fair

They've given me a Zimmer Frame


I got those wheelchair blues

Suffering those wheelchair blues

Hear my wheelchair blues

I'm singing those wheelchair blues

I got those wheelchair blues

Suffering those wheelchair blues

Hear my wheelchair blues

I'm singing those wheelchair blues

copyright Chris Smith 1997

What Do You Think About That?

Well God, what do you think about that?

Some people no longer want to believe,

In those miracles you're supposed to do.

They no longer want to see them,

So they stopped believing in you.

Now God, what do you think about that?

Well God, what do think about that?

Some people are no longer praying,

They've given up talking it through.

They no longer think you are there,

And no longer feel like talking to you.

Now God, what do you think about that?

Well God, what do you think about that?

Rarely does anyone ever go to church,

They no longer think that it is true.

No one thinks that you are out there,

Because no one can ever see you.

Now God, what do you think about that?

Well God, what do you think about that?

I thought I could rely on you being there,

I thought believing in you was an issue.

But where were you when I needed you the most?

That time when I really need you.

Now God, what do you think about that?


copyright Chris Smith 2010


When the day seems dark

And the love seems to lark

Come and think of me

Let my words come run free

Let them fill you with hope

Let them help you to cope

Read them and enjoy

Give you so much joy

Am I gifted, I do not know

I write words to show

Share with you my mind

Hope you like what you find

Poems to laugh and to cry

Poems of life gone by

Poems of animals and suvival

Poems of a new bold arrival

If it is a gift, then it is for you

Writing is what I do

A WelshPoet from the start

A WelshPoet with a heart


copyright Chris Smith 2005

Weather The Storm

When it begins to rain
Just let it pour down
And let yourself free

When that wind blows
Feel it in your hair
Now be as one

Let your sorrows go
Hold your head up and be strong
Feel it deep in your heart
And weather the storm my friend

Do not fear the lightening
Let it light up your life
Just open your eyes to see

Listen as the thunder roars
And shout out with it
Let your emotions be heard

Let yourself find escape
And release away your troubles
With nature, you will find your way
And weather the storm my friend

copyright Chris Smith 2010

We Know

One nation

With hope

To show

Our people

Come together

Say hello

Every creed

All equal

We flow

We say

All united

Winds blow

Moving on

Always truth

Never slow

Just listen

To words

We know


copyright Chris Smith 2009

We Carry On

When life seems to be dragging you down
When you think you face it all alone
Then take my hand, let me help you up
Together we will face what the fates throw

We carry on, to be always strong
We carry on, with friends that belong

When everything has ceased and come to a stop
You can not face those trials that lay ahead
Then lean on me and together we will continue
Together this journey we will travel

We carry on, where our destiny takes
We carry on, with a friendship that never breaks


copyright Chris Smith 2010


For one day the World cried
It watched helplessly as they died
A crashing plane, shattering impact
The screaming starts from that act

A burning building of no escape
All the World is watching, agape
People jumping, they have no hope
Little girl with tears, she can not cope

Even as she sees it on a TV screen
The building collapses, a horror now seen
Little girl, crying because it is real
If only this terror she did not feel

Suddenly, another plane hits the other tower
The fear of that little girl sends her to cower
She is only seven, you hold and cry with her
You are not alone because the World cries together

Fire fighters and police, they are heroes all
Some are trapped in the ruins, heroes fall
Years have passed by, tears still collect
That terror still remains, because we never forget


copyright Chris Smith 2010
In Memory of September 11th.

My youngest daugter was 7 years old at the time, she burst into tears as she watched people jumped to their deaths of the TV. She is now 16 and has joined the Territorial Army in the UK.

Warrior's Code

He has walked this barren land

For many years he has been here

Protecting those with his warriors hand

Protecting those that live in fear

Dragons and wizards, this warrior they made

Monsters and demons he has fought

Cannibals and hell spawn, put to the sword, slayed

For this is adventure he sought

Always alone, for it is better that way

Fighting with a heart that is bold

Unable to love, unable to stay

For he must follow the warrior's code

He has slain, killed so many

Each one he as wept tears for

No one can match him, not any

No one can even the score

Hear him as he goes into battle

Maybe this will be the day he dies

Slaying his enemies, hear their death rattle
Sending them off to heavenly skies

copyright Chris Smith 2007

War Is A Three Letter Word

Soldiers try their best to do their duty
Avoiding stones from the protesters
Who should throw them at the General
Because a soldier does his job with honour
War is a three letter word

Generals drink white wine somewhere in comfort
While a true soldier faces unknown death
Having to fight in some far away strange land
Because his orders tell him he has to be there
War is a three letter word

When you sleep tonight and children are safe
Teenagers and young men and women dreaming
Knowing tomorrow they will face another day
Then think of the mother of a soldier who prays
War is a three letter word

Watch the TV, and go about your work
Bless a new day when you see the sun rise
That poor mother begs her son or daughter is safe
That her soldier will not be returning home in a box
War is a three letter word

Remember that the soldier is fighting to protect us
They are there, putting their life on the line
We know War is Hell, but we are not the one's fighting
So I say a silent pray, "don't let a young soldier die"
War is a three letter word

copyright Chris Smith November 29th 2009

Keep our heroes safe this Christmas, send them a prayer


Waitress can I have a cup of coffee?
Maybe, one day, you will join me
For you never stop, you never stop

You serve, always with a smile
Taking orders all the day long
For you never stop, you never stop

Seeing you always brightens the day
Cleaning the tables for the next diner
For you never stop, you never stop

So keep a thought for all the waitresses
Coming to your table, serving good food
They never stop, they never stop


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Waiting There

I follow this path to shadow lands.

Writing the words nobody understands.

But that seem to make sense in my mind's eye.

Can they understand when midnight demons cry?

Black thoughts are hidden here deep inside.

Where the creeping tendrils will always hide.

Who shares with me the dark side of my soul?

Where nothing but the blood pounds to flow.

The are two sides to everything in this bitter life.

One side pure, one side scarred  by a knife.

Would you dare to walk inside this world of mine.

Attempt  to find the way across the broken line.

Then come and kiss the scars of these charred lips

Hold me close as  the darkened shadow slips

Fall with me into the pits of our despair

Do this for me and you will find me waiting there

copyright Chris Smith  2009

Waiting For A Flickering Light

The Reaper called to visit me

To talk of all the times past

Of the good times now faded far away

I knew this life was never meant to last

He sipped a cup of tea with a boney hand

Apologised that my time had now come

I ate one final piece of carrot cake

And knew I would have to succumb

Death, visited me as a true gentleman

He never made me feel ill at ease

Entertained me with his charm and wit

He did everything he could to please

But now the clocks no longer tick

And the grey comes creeping of the night

He takes my hand, so now we wait

To stand here waiting for a flickering light


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Friday, 10 December 2010


Her name was Janet Leman, she lived alone in her home and had been here for a long time.On the outskirts of Salem and had watched the neighbourhood fading, towerblocks had taken over and her little home was the last one left for she refused to sell or to be forced out.

She lived with her cats, all twelve of them, her favourite was called Lucan, jet black and eyes that seemed to see into your head.
He had just appeared with her other cats one day, and had been with her many years, he never seemed to age.

No one believed she was one hundred and sixty years old, they called her the Secret Witch with the deepest of affection, but now she was the last one left in the neighbourhood.

Everyone had been forced to accept payment and move, but Janet never gave in to the Corporation run by James Lord.
He owned the police so they never interferred and he always got his own way, he had said she would go one way or the other as he had plans to build another towerblock.

Lucan was cuddled by her feet, she knew he was special for he had been with her sixty years, but she kept his secret.Outside six men were ready to do the bidding of their boss Mr Lord, if they could not get her to leave alive he wanted her out dead.

The men knew Janet was asleep, it was 3 am and there was no one in the neighbourhood who would ever see them.
They forced the front door and went in, the room looked like an anique shop, and shelves of books surrounded the room, mostly Pagan Rites and there was a gothic feel to the room.

Cats hissed and rushed out the broken door, and the men could tell this was a habitate for felines.
"God, smell of cat pi....." a short, fat man started to say.
"Who's there"? came a shout of anger from the door that led to the stairs, and Janet entered wearing a black dressing gown.

From behind her one of the men, tall with a goatee, evil looking, smashed a blue patterned vase of her head and Janet fell to the floor.
They poured petrol over the room and Janets' unconious body.
"Let's go" said the man with the goatee as he lit a match and flicked it, the room was engulfed in flames, cats trapped gave terrible sounds as flames found them.

The six men just walked down the street, thinking of the money they would get and did not even look back at the burning house.
The black cat called Lucan watched them from the shadows.No one remembered about the death of Janet, a long time time had passed since that night.

Thirteen years had passed, and a tower block of design and perfection had been built, only the most wealthy could afford the luxery it offered.
Thirty blocks high, each block home to some of the richest people, including an author, actress and rock star.

Outside the entrance had two tweny foot tall Leyland Cypress pine trees, flowers of all kinds decorated the gardens, so colour was all year around.
Daffodils and Snowdrops, Tulips, Butterfly Bushes, Fuscias but to name a few that were always on show through out the year, and the lawns were on the finest Fescue and Brown Top grass seeds.

Each block consisted of a thirty foot by twenty foot living room, it had its' own bath/shower combination , a huge kitchen and a bed room to equal the spacious living room.
A door man was always on duty and no one could get through the electonic doors with out a special key.
Even the two lifts were made of glass.

Dead animals had started to appear at the entrance, birds, rats and even squirrels and all had their heads missing.
A black cat had been seen, strange as no pets were allowed to be kept and the door man had tried to shoot it at it many times.
He could swear he had hit it, but it had just padded off with its' tail high in the air, he would get it one day.

Lucan had bided his time, he was ready to take his vengeance and it would begin with untold horror for the residents of this tower block.
It was one cold and damp morning the dying began.
An aging actress fell in the shower and straggled herself on the shower hose, her young lover tried to save her but was powerless to stop her falling to the shower base dead, he ran to get help and fell through the glass table and bled to death through a jaggered edge of glass stuck in his throat.

In another apartment, a well know guitarist was practising with his elictric guitar when suddenly a power surge caused him to be electricuted to death.
It caused the beginning of a fire, but due to the power surge all the alarms and sprinklers which would have stopped the fire were not working.

The double doors would refuse to open, all fire doors were locked and there was no way to escape.
In one apartment a writer witnessed a black cat watching him from the corner of the room, he felt his chest on fire and died of a heart attack.

The fire swept through the building and people would die as they were burnt alive, forever in pain for the heart and brain is the last thing to burn.
The security guard tried to smash the double door window glass, smoke succumbed him and the last thing he would ever see was a black cat outside and he never could figure out how could he hear that damned purring when it was sound proof.

No survivors were ever found, all died in the fire and as the fire fighters tacled the blaze they just ignored a black cat as it casually strolled away across the grass.The vengeance had now begun.

copyright Chris Smith 2007

Vampires' Kiss

Blood red runs the night sky

Black clouds of bats flutter by

In shadows I see her standing there

Skin so cold with hair so fair

She beckons and I know I must near

But deep down I can feel my fear

Her eyes bewitch me and I am hers

Waiting to be with one in her curse

She bites me and I submit to her will

She drains me for she will have her fill

My eyes close, I must lay down my head

For I know I must awake as one of the undead

copyright Chris smith  2009

Vampire Lover

Coming of the children of the night
Sing songs and hidden from sight
Wolves that are running free
Hiding where we do not see

He will be there in the dark
Waiting to leave his mark
She has come, so willing
He is not here for any killing

He just wants to taste her life
Bite with fangs like a knife
Drink from her, she feels no pain
Blood flows from the vein

He will never hurt her
He will never desert her
He wants her to be immortal
Wishes her to love him eternal

She believes this vampire, he exists
But now vanished into the mists
He must be gone before sun light
But will be her vampire lover comes the night

copyright Chris Smith 2008

Valley Of Tears

In the valley of tears

No one listens, no one hears

No one ventures, no one dares

No one never comes for no one cares

Alone in the valley I travel

As my thoughts fall and unravel

My tears tell stories of mistrust

They will always stain the dust

Long ago I entered this valley alone

Then it became my home

And as I stand here and stare

I am joined by the millions there

The valley is always barren and dry

No matter how many tears we cry

You will be a victim for countless years

A prisoner trapped in the valley of tears


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Used To Be

Used to be a time things went right

When things always seemed bright

Now I always get the blame

Everything now just seems the same

Used to be, it used to be

Used to be in love with me

Used to be, it used to be

Used to me you loved me

Used to be life seemed so good

Everything I did was understood

Now I always hesr the same old song

Even when I am right ... I am wrong

Used to be, it used to be

Used to be in love with me

Used to be, it used to be

Used to me you loved me

Used to be life was worth living

All seemed to be there and giving

Now there is nothing left to be sought

My head is only an empty thought

Used to be, it used to be

Used to be in love with me

Used to be, it used to be

Used to me you loved me

Used to be I never had you

That my life was never true

Then you showed me how to be

Now you are always here for me

Used to be, it used to be

Used to be in love with me

Used to be, it used to be

Used to me you loved me

copyright Chris Smith 2009

Urban Nightmare

Hear ye my tale, my beauty
Of fear and forgotten legend
Of the terrors of the night
That will get you in the end

Do not venture out, after dark
You never know what is waiting there
Hiding away from you in secluded shadow
Ready to pounce like your worst nightmare

The killer is loose, roaming the streets
Looking for victims with his knife
You never want to bump into him
Because then it will cost you your life

Then there is the eyes of the vampire
Hypnotise you like the night sky
They will seduce you with a kiss
Then it is too late, as they drain you dry

A million eyes are out there, watching you
You shiver with a strange sound you hear
Something in the dark is reaching out
Coming to get you through your fear

So you have to run now, find somewhere safe
Find somewhere they are not going to see
But maybe I am hiding there in secret
So now you must beware, and look out for me


copyright Chris Smith 2010


Do you ever wonder
About the mysteries
The secrets of this life
Of what it means to us

Why do we face pain
Where the hurt aches you
Giving you sorrow
And nobody helps

So please tell me
Why is it so
For what reason
Do we feel this

How it is
I suppose
Nothing else
Explains why

Now me
I do
What I
have to



copyright Chris Smith 2010

Unseen Beauty

She looks at her reflection

Mirror holds the image of her face

Looks at the make up and makes her sellection

Puts it on to show her beauty and grace

She is a pretty picture with cherry lips

She loves to look good for all to see

In her hair, pink ribbons and golden clips

She looks good, so beautiful to see

But she never goes outside the door

She will never be going anywhere

Scared that what men are looking for

That they only will see her wheel chair

(copyright Oct 2008 Chris Smith)


Words now are written
For all this world to see them
Poets united

Our gift to you all
Readers that we all respect
Poets united

Heart of a poet
This art we tenderly love
Poets united

copyright Chris Smith 2009

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Unheard Voices

I sometimes open my eyes
And look into the darkness
Never knowing what is there

The shapes of grim reflections
Take form as I continue to watch
Unseen nightmares are looking back

All those tears that are shed in secret
From all those too afraid to speak
Shivering in the corner in the dark

All that pain in those forbidden places
Hitting me with an empathic force
I see sad eyes looking towards me

Visions that are trying to reach out
Now being expressed by these words
Of all those voices no one wants to hear

Why am I crying from what isn't there?
Is it because, somewhere it really happens?
Happening to those we feel in our heads

If only I could reach out to outstretched hands
And hold them to me, to protect and keep them safe
But the coming of dawn takes the dark away

copyright Chris Smith December 8th 2010

Two Words

Time passes

Nothing lasts

Noone cares

Noone there

Heart cries

Love hurts

Minds shatter

People go

So alone

Nothing matters

Without you

Lost love

All gone

Just say

Two words


copyright Chris Smith 2000

Two Strangers

Two strangers meeting in the night
Unable to control their need
This sexual want they do not fight
This sexual want they will feed

She knows that this all wrong
She does not even know his name
But this feeling is just too strong
She always has to play this game

He knows this is a one night stand
Another secret he has to hide
He traces her body with his hand
Then on the bed they will slide

But no protection did they take
Their minds would never see
Blinded to lust that they make
Both now cursed with HIV

copyright Chris Smith 2010

Two Hearts

Two hearts - will always beat

Two hearts - destinied to meet

Two hearts - are meant to be

Two hearts - will always be free

Two hearts - belong to me and you

Two hearts - meant to be true

Two hearts - will never go away

Two hearts - are meant to stay

Two hearts - in love together

Two hearts - going on forever

Two hearts - that will never wait

Two hearts - following their fate

copyright Chris Smith 2004

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Twisted Grin

Well hello to you, hello there,
You might think I'm a bad guy;
Just because I kill a few people,
But you don't see this Jokers' heart.

Okay, that guy who dresses as a rodent!
Everyone seems to take his side.
Come on! A man dressed as a flying rat?
Do you think that man is still sane?

I'm not the crazy one, oh no!, believe me.
Don't let this pasty white skin and ruby lips fool you.
I'm the innocent guy here, I never wanted to look like this.
That Bat freak!, he created me, It's all his fault!

Thank you for agreeing to my interview, my side of things.
I only want to make people laugh, let's shake hands to that.
Oh deary me, I'm wearing that killer of a joy buzzer,
I bet you just die with laughter, it is a hell of a shock.

Oh well boys, you better clear up the mess, alas! poor reporter.
I didn't get to know him well, time to think of a few jokes.
I wonder what fun and games I can cause in Gotham City tonight.
As long as that damned Bat Man doesn't stop me! ha ha ha ha ha.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Twenty Two

Jake met her in a bar, she had long dark hair and green eyes, full red lips and a pretty face. She wore a tight black blouse and the shortest skirt he had ever seen.

Jake was Thirty four and knew he had to try to seduce her, he knew she must be old enough to be his daughter but he didn't care. It wouldn't be the first time he picked someone up for a bit of fun.

He knew women couldn't resist him, blonde hair, brown eyes and good looks, a smile that could melt any heart.

"Hey, can I get you a drink...I'm Jake" he smiled.

"I'm Mercy, this is my twenty second today...I like to celebrate" she said and smiled back.

They shared thre drinks and Jake suggested they go back to his place to celebrate futher, but she shook her head.

"There is a deserted alley not far from here, do you want to celebrate there?" she said.

Jake didn't need to be told twice, he smiled and touched her knee and then took her hand and they left the bar together and walked along the streets until she pulled him down a long dark alley.

Out of sight, she pushed him against the wall and kissed him, their tongues danced together in the star light.

He slowly undid her blouse, she had no bra and his hands began to maul the beauty of her breasts, her nipples responded to his touch and she dropped the blouse into the corner and put down her bag.

His mouth moved down and took turns kissing and sucking each breast until she reached down and began to unzip him.

He reached under her skirt and one hand rubbed her thong until he slid in a finger and felt her shaven delight. as he slid down her thong and they swapped places as he held her against the wall.

"No, I want to ride you...please lay down" she pleaded.

He took off his jacket and lay down on the ground as she mounted him.

He felt himself enter her as she took him fast without going slow, she was like a wild animal as moved on him. Rubbing her breasts in his face as she took him deep inside her.

He couldn't hold back and felt himself explode deep into her as she squealed with delight but she remained astride him smiled.

" I have something special to give you, please close your eyes" she said with her eyes staring with more passion.

Jake closed his eyes and grinned. "Give it to me baby" he said.

He never saw her take the long sharp knife from her bag, he just felt the agony as she slit his throat and his body jerked wildly in his dying moments.

She gasped in ecstacy as he throbbed between her thighs and then he stopped, dead and blood poured from his throat.

She got up, redorned her blouse and buttoned it, replaced her thong and then cleaned her knife on the shirt of Jakes body and replaced it in her bag.

As she walked back down the alley she said "Twenty three".


copyright Chris Smith 2009

True Like Wish

I follow the temptation of my soul

Follow in this direction I want to go

I know you will be waiting there

Two heart beats waiting to share

Let Heaven send the Angels down

Let Hell and Demons fight a fire like crown

Let it happen out of the blue

Just as long as I can hold you

You are my living reason

My only wonderful season

The only one with a touching kiss

Sweet embrace and true like wish


copyright Chris Smith 2007

Troy McMullan

Truth within the words, stated
Royal heart that is fated
Open aways, forever, as a friend
You know on him you can depend

Majestic shall be his reward
Creativity will be his sword
Moving us all, with words always
Understanding poetry for all his days
Loving this art, that is his art
Loving this that is his special craft
A poet that will always do his best
Now and forever, he will be blessed


copyright Chris Smith 2009

True Love

Sometimes true love can be fragile

But true love is worth while

Maybe you wish you never met me

Maybe you wish to be set free

True love is knowing when to let go

It can be a bitter blow

But true love is worth fighting for

True love can give you more

Knowing you cry yourself to sleep

With those hidden tears you weep

I just wish we could talk

I do not want to take a silent walk

True love is giving and taking

True love holds you when you are waking

Sometimes true love hurts in what we say

But there is always another day

Remember I would die for you

Because my love is always true

With every thing we have gone through

I love you in all that you do

copyright Chris Smith 2009

True Evil

True evil is not for the visible eye
It hides away from sight to defy
It does not give itself away, oh no
For true evil is not there for show

Amongst you it will always remain
Feed on you and drive you insane
It may look like a demon to one another
But it will appear to be a saint to any other

You will know exactly where true evil has been
Because the Devil tricks you and is never seen
You will see someting good within your eyes
But true evil is a master of disguise

Is it there waiting impatiently to strike?
Have you ever wondered what true evil looks like?
For you at last face it, you will break down and cry
When true evil comes for you, my friend, it is time to die

copyright Chris Smith 2009

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tribal Spirit

Proud people are you
Born with spirits soaring high
Free forever more


copyright Chris Smith 2010

Touching Me

You are touching me, babe
Making me your willing slave
You are undressing me slow
Telling me what I want to know

I watch you strip and tease
I will do whatever you please
I love those things you will do
What you do to me, I will do to you

I taste you there, and you sigh
I am kissing you there, and you cry
Around my neck you move your hips
For you know where my tongue slips

You are sitting on me, taking me fast
You are moving on me, making it last
You know exactly what I am begging for
Because you know I can not take any more

I feel the sensation your body sends
You want some more, the loving never ends
Making me want you all through the night
Come make love to me babe, it feels so right


copyright Chris Smith 2010


I fancied something to eat
Something tasty and sweet
But what a mistake to make
When you are going to get toothache

Wanted a biscuit with my tea
But all I got was misery
As I got ready to munch
I felt a tooth go crunch

Now all I get is pain
So bad, it is hard to explain
No pain killers can help contain
This agony that is making me insane

So I paid the Dentist a fortune in money
Because toothache is not very funny
Fighting my fear of that drill
So I try to keep very still


copyright Chris Smith 1998

Too Blind To See

Everything seemed to be okay
Never knew it was going wrong
If only you could give me another day
To help us still be able to belong
I was just too blind to see
Too blind to see

Never knew in what I was dealing
When all I was doing was hurting you
Should had felt what you were feeling
When your love for me was still true
I was just too blind to see
Too blind to see

All the times you were waiting for me
And I took for granted what we had
In the end I left you feeling empty
I was the one who made you sad
I was just too blind to see
Too blind to see

Please can you give me one more chance
So I can now begin to get it right
Can we try again with our romance
Take me from the dark, back into the light
I was just too blind to see
Too blind to see

Iam here begging you to forgive me
Please will you take me back once more
I will be that man you want me to be
I will never go back to how I was before
I was just too blind to see
Too blind to see


copyright Chris Smith 2009


I can see your long black hair

The glint in beautiful brown eyes

I melt when I see your smile

And gently brush your lips

With a tender, lingering kiss

So tonight, with you, I am in Heaven

Tonight, with you, I feel loved

You hold my hand for a fleeting moment

There is electricity with your gentle touch

A million words can not explain this moment

This wonderful moment that we share

Of these feelings deep down inside of me

So tonight, with you, I am in Heaven

Tonight, with you, I feel loved

My darling we will always be here as one

This special love could never fade away

There is passion in our souls

And absolute purity within our minds

Tonight, these words will be yours

So tonight, with you, I am in Heaven

Tonight, with you, I feel loved

copyright Chris Smith 2005


He was on a bridge up high

Wanted to jump, wanted to die

He felt he had lost it all

Now he was ready to jump and fall

But a little old man gave out his hand

He had one shoe held together by an elastic band

He smiled and he had a kind toothless grin

The old man showed a special kindness to bring

He took his old hand and an offer to save

Decided he was not ready for a watery grave

He listened as this kind old man talked

On the safe side of the bridge they walked

The old man said the man had to think

To keep away from Deaths' sudden brink

He had to think of his wife and children

And today was the day to start all over again

There was a secret his wife was hiding away

She was carrying a child and would tell him today

She could never share this news if he died

With this, the man sank to his knees and cried

He did not know how this kind old man could know

These things that no one could know so

He turned to thank the kind old man the most

But he was gone, vanished like a ghost


copyright Chris Smith 2005

To Be As One

I share this tenderness with you

Two souls connected here together

Our bodys are entwined in our love

Allowing our need to go on forever

Our tongues will meet in our dance

We move together in time to our heartbeat

Together our emotions will overflow

We are consumed as our passion does meet

We will never be apart from each other

This love of ours continues to be strong

Embraces that take this feeling higher

We are together to be as one


copyright Chris Smith 2009

Tired Eyes

I can tell by your face
The world gets you down
You feel so out of place
In your tears you drown

You feel no one listens
Nobody hears your song
Alone your tears glisten
You fear you don't belong

Come on and rest with me
Close your tired eyes

Thoughts go on in your head
You wish you could go back then
Does anyone hear what you said
You repeat the words again and again

You don't let them see you crying
You always have to hide away
You just want to give up trying
Wondering if you should stay

Come on and rest with me
Close your tired eyes

I can hear the words of your soul
I will open up my ears
I will watch you find your goal
I will help you through your fears

Someone has to help you to be strong
Someone will open up your tired eyes to see
Someone is there so you can belong
And that someone is going to be me

Come and rest with me
Now open your tired eyes

copyright Chris Smith 2010


Thinking of the passing times

Listening as the clock chimes

The decisions that you know

Wondering if it is time to go

The seconds slowly tick by

But then the days seem to fly

And where has the happiness gone

When did it start to go wrong

Should you do what is right

Or give up without a fight

There is no use in trying to pretend

You will only loose in the end


copyright Chris Smith 2003