Saturday, 11 December 2010

When There Was No Hope You Came To Me

Too many troubles build and stack

So many things all seem to be black

In those dark places I have been

All too many horrors my eyes have seen

Once upon a time, my words were born in fire

Written of that suffering I would feel

Then of so many problems I began to tire

I never allowed this soul of mine to heal

Drifted from one thing to the other

Took a drink then I would take another

I looked in the mirror for someone to blame

And only my reflection would feel that shame

So then I took out my pen to begin to write

Wrote down all those words that caused this sorrow

I would sleep and then read them when came the light

But I was always just looking for another hopeless tomorrow

Thought I would utter too many unheard screams

Thought I would have to face too many broken dreams

I never knew where all this would ever end

But then I saw you, you were there, my friend

You came and lifted me up, and you gave me back hope

You showed me love, something I never would have guessed

You touched my soul, and you helped me to cope

You came to me in my hour of need, now I am eternally blessed


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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