Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Saga Of Timothy Dale

Born to a man who smiles

Never would he have a frown

A friend to walk with for miles

A king without a crown

They said he had special needs

But his heart would never fail

He would only do good deeds

Everybody knew of Timothy Dale

Always he had something special to say

He would stay with you, yes he would

He would always brighten up your day

Always trust in Timothy Dale, you could

Even those who began treating him bad

They tried to make poor Timothy cry

He would even help them if they were sad

Timothy Dale, even for his enemies, would try

Children loved to hear him tell his stories

To tell them, well he was the best

Told of long ago heroes and their glories

Told how they braved the trickiest quest

A time came when Timothy Dale grew old

And then poor Timothy Dale died

There were no more tales that could be told

That was the day that a whole town cried

And those who would say poor Timothy was not bright

The entire would say he was the cleverest man

Now Timothy Dale is up in Heavens' light

He is telling Angels all the stories he can


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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