Saturday, 11 December 2010

Waiting There

I follow this path to shadow lands.

Writing the words nobody understands.

But that seem to make sense in my mind's eye.

Can they understand when midnight demons cry?

Black thoughts are hidden here deep inside.

Where the creeping tendrils will always hide.

Who shares with me the dark side of my soul?

Where nothing but the blood pounds to flow.

The are two sides to everything in this bitter life.

One side pure, one side scarred  by a knife.

Would you dare to walk inside this world of mine.

Attempt  to find the way across the broken line.

Then come and kiss the scars of these charred lips

Hold me close as  the darkened shadow slips

Fall with me into the pits of our despair

Do this for me and you will find me waiting there

copyright Chris Smith  2009

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