Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Three Kings

There is a bar high up in the sky
That only sells water and no rye
So come on in, and take a seat
This is where three kings come to meet

Then the stage will be made clear
They sing new songs for the Angels to hear
Finishing together with a song called Salvation
The Angels cheer and give a standing ovation

Holly then sings of ways that are true
A beautiful voice up in a sky of blue
And when he stops and must now part
I can feel it raining in my heart

So Presley takes his turn to sing
Telling us of fools rushing in
Music backed from a heavenly band
I wish they could hear it down in dixie land

Jackson is  last to take the stage then
Not one dry eye when he sings about Ben
Entertains everyone and they are dancing along
Then he ends with a beautiful earth song

If you listen carefully, you can hear them up there
Way up high, in a bar in the sky somewhere
So I know the music that Heaven brings
When together they sing, the three kings


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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