Monday, 6 December 2010

The Man

The man will protect you
When you need him most
Make you feel safer
And always be there

Sometimes he will cry with you
Shed tears with your pain
Hold you when you need comfort
And give you feelings of security

But this man has many sides
A burning passion in his heart
He has a hunger to be fed
He is a victim of his lust

Sometimes he says the wrong things
Misunderstands some of the signs
When a woman only needs to be held
Forgive him if he is blind to desire

For a woman is a creature of beauty
That all men are driven to want
We can not stop wanting to love you
We can not stop this need for you

A woman is a delicate flower to care for
And we need to take care of it
Not just to only be lost in its scent
But also, to allow it to grow

This man knows sometimes he is wrong
All he wants is to be needed, to be desired
To feel wanted, to know that he is loved
Because the grace of any woman, makes any man

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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