Wednesday, 8 December 2010


He was on a bridge up high

Wanted to jump, wanted to die

He felt he had lost it all

Now he was ready to jump and fall

But a little old man gave out his hand

He had one shoe held together by an elastic band

He smiled and he had a kind toothless grin

The old man showed a special kindness to bring

He took his old hand and an offer to save

Decided he was not ready for a watery grave

He listened as this kind old man talked

On the safe side of the bridge they walked

The old man said the man had to think

To keep away from Deaths' sudden brink

He had to think of his wife and children

And today was the day to start all over again

There was a secret his wife was hiding away

She was carrying a child and would tell him today

She could never share this news if he died

With this, the man sank to his knees and cried

He did not know how this kind old man could know

These things that no one could know so

He turned to thank the kind old man the most

But he was gone, vanished like a ghost


copyright Chris Smith 2005

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