Saturday, 11 December 2010

When The Time Comes

When the time comes, I will be here.
I will be found waiting until the end.
As that vast abyss awaits for me,
And I see the light of day no more.

When the birds stop singing,
Their last song has been sounded.
As the beauty of the flowers here,
Turn to dust and their radiance is gone.

When the Sun shines one last ray of heat,
And the cold comes to take that last embrace.
To see the lion walking, side by side, with the lamb
Both being silent, waiting together on a last moment.

When lovers cry together in one last tryst,
A moment where this pleasure means so much.
To hear as the Earth screams out to waiting ears,
And the rivers run with the tears of a billion souls.

When the last poem is written on a scrap of paper,
Before the ink finally runs dry from a dying pen.
Because when that time comes, I will be here.
I will be found in the company of wonderous friends.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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