Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Friendly Troll

Once upon a time ago

He wanted to be friends

People saw him as a troll

Thats not where the story ends

For he was so beautiful inside

People only saw the outside skin

His love for life did he hide

Hiding away from everything

One day a little blind girl came his way

Became his friend, and told him stories

She visited the troll every single day

Told of heroes and their victory glories

But the villagers came looking to kill

A friendly troll who only loved life

Chased far away over the hill

With torches, clubs and a knife

But the little blind girl was in trouble

A wall of rocks began to slide

The troll rescued her from the rubble

Gave his life for her and he died

Now as the friendly troll he is remembered

Never would cause you any harm

Always is he now forever remembered

The friendly troll with beautiful charm


copyright Chris Smith 2008

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