Saturday, 11 December 2010

Where Are You

Where are you when I need you the most

One night has faded like a ghost

Passion has come and now it has gone

It is together that we must belong

Just one night, now I am left in my sorrow

Every day just leads into another tomorrow

How I wish that time I never had to go

Here I am now, tearing out my soul

Could you promise me we will meet together again one day?

Because this love I have inside will never fade away

It is so true when they say that love is blind

Because without you my eyes shall bind

No matter what happens, I shall always remember

One day, one night and passion like a burning ember

So all I am left now are these sad and lonely memories

But I still can feel your very kiss on the Summer breeze

So my darling, now you find me always waiting for you

Waiting for a sign, a word of your love that is always true

I count down the days until we are back together

Cherish you within these arms of mine forever


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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