Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Heart Aches But Time Will Heal

A broken heart hurts the most
Every nerve feels like breaking
Your mind goes into overload
Your body starts to shake
You can never stop the tears

You want to be able to hold her
Tell her nothing is as it seems
That your heart belongs to her
You know she somewhere crying
But she is an ocean away to hold

You want to tell her she is the only one
You know the pain when someone cheats
Can she understand you have friends?
And friends they will ever only be
You want this hurt to just go away

You thought that she really understood you
Of the happiness that she would always bring
Your soul, body and heart belonged to her
You shared your words with all the world
Now a broken man sitting in the dark alone

You lost that special purpose in your life
And the fight has been drained away from you
You know she will never forgive or ever forget
But you pray one day she will be coming back
For this maiden you know you will always ache

But you can at last feel the warmth of a smile
She has contacted you and the day begins anew
You can feel the black clouds drifting away
Your heart begins to beat in union with her again
And in time you know you can both heal

copyright Chris Smith 2009

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