Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Wood Through The Trees

He always wanted to be somebody
He always did his best in school
But the boy became a man
And he started playing the fool

He started hanging with the wrong crowd
And they always would lead him astray
Too many girls, he would break their hearts
But he would never give his heart away

Until that day when he saw her standing there
And he fell head over heels for the beauty queen
They kept saying she was way out of his league
They kept saying he would never be her scene

Now he is going all out to mend his ways
He is going to change who he used to be
He is saying goodbye to what used to be his past
He is going to open up her eyes to see

This former bad boy wants to be with his blind girl
She can not see his face, but she can feel his heart
He never thought he would find the wood through the trees
He always makes her smile, to him it is a start

The years have flown by, they still remember their first kiss
He still wishes she could have seen their wedding day
And he still loves her as much as the first time he saw her
Their children have grown up, the grandchildren play

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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