Friday, 10 December 2010

Urban Nightmare

Hear ye my tale, my beauty
Of fear and forgotten legend
Of the terrors of the night
That will get you in the end

Do not venture out, after dark
You never know what is waiting there
Hiding away from you in secluded shadow
Ready to pounce like your worst nightmare

The killer is loose, roaming the streets
Looking for victims with his knife
You never want to bump into him
Because then it will cost you your life

Then there is the eyes of the vampire
Hypnotise you like the night sky
They will seduce you with a kiss
Then it is too late, as they drain you dry

A million eyes are out there, watching you
You shiver with a strange sound you hear
Something in the dark is reaching out
Coming to get you through your fear

So you have to run now, find somewhere safe
Find somewhere they are not going to see
But maybe I am hiding there in secret
So now you must beware, and look out for me


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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