Thursday, 9 December 2010

Twisted Grin

Well hello to you, hello there,
You might think I'm a bad guy;
Just because I kill a few people,
But you don't see this Jokers' heart.

Okay, that guy who dresses as a rodent!
Everyone seems to take his side.
Come on! A man dressed as a flying rat?
Do you think that man is still sane?

I'm not the crazy one, oh no!, believe me.
Don't let this pasty white skin and ruby lips fool you.
I'm the innocent guy here, I never wanted to look like this.
That Bat freak!, he created me, It's all his fault!

Thank you for agreeing to my interview, my side of things.
I only want to make people laugh, let's shake hands to that.
Oh deary me, I'm wearing that killer of a joy buzzer,
I bet you just die with laughter, it is a hell of a shock.

Oh well boys, you better clear up the mess, alas! poor reporter.
I didn't get to know him well, time to think of a few jokes.
I wonder what fun and games I can cause in Gotham City tonight.
As long as that damned Bat Man doesn't stop me! ha ha ha ha ha.


copyright Chris Smith 2010

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