Saturday, 11 December 2010

Where Can they Play?

A great man once sang
"Where do the children play" ?
I listened to his words as they began
Of what he had to say

Used to be able to be safe in a yard
This world was never one to fear
Now mothers are always on their guard
They have to keep their little ones near

Turn your back, just for one moment
Will your child then be gone?
This is not the world God meant
It all seems to be wrong

I know of those fiends that use a cigarette
As a way to stop a child's cry
It seems to happen all the time, and yet
I am still ask that question "why" ?

Once children could always play in the park
But now on the ground, we see needles used
When did this world become so very dark ?
To allow a young life to be abused

No one seems to hear this plea
I want it all to finally end, to at last stop
No one opens their eyes to see
And that goes right up to the top

So world leaders, come and take a look around
Can you keep a new generation safe and free ?
Show us your voice, give it a sound
And then I know you have listened to me


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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