Tuesday, 7 December 2010

There Comes A Day

There comes a day, we must lay down the knives.

Take a look at the situation that is around.

Time for us to lay down our lives.

To be able to die without a sound.

I can tell you, there is no such thing as peace.

We are living within a flaw.

The fighting, it will never cease.

We are battling our own private war.

Can you tell me, you can love me from the inside.

Love someone who has too many faults.

Someone with so many secrets to hide.

Find my heart, it never halts.

There is a chance, where everything just improves.

Where we can be as one together.

Put away our differences, where it all soothes.

Where everybody braves the stormy weather.

So stand with me, take my hand my friend.

I believe it is time for the healing to begin.

Now find a means to the end.

I am the first to admit my sin.


copyright Chris Smith 2009

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