Friday, 10 December 2010

Unheard Voices

I sometimes open my eyes
And look into the darkness
Never knowing what is there

The shapes of grim reflections
Take form as I continue to watch
Unseen nightmares are looking back

All those tears that are shed in secret
From all those too afraid to speak
Shivering in the corner in the dark

All that pain in those forbidden places
Hitting me with an empathic force
I see sad eyes looking towards me

Visions that are trying to reach out
Now being expressed by these words
Of all those voices no one wants to hear

Why am I crying from what isn't there?
Is it because, somewhere it really happens?
Happening to those we feel in our heads

If only I could reach out to outstretched hands
And hold them to me, to protect and keep them safe
But the coming of dawn takes the dark away

copyright Chris Smith December 8th 2010

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