Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Highwayman

He lived his life in the shadows
Destinied to die by the gallows
Waiting for the coach in his sights
Then the highway man strikes

Strikes fear as his victims shiver
Orders them to stand and deliver
With the threat of his gun
He will take the money and run

Soon he vanishes and is long gone
As if he was not there all along
Being there on this lonely road
Running with all of his gold

But another night he will be back
Again to fill up his empty sack
With gun in hand and mask on face
Robbing with all of his grace

And with everything he has bought
Soon he knows he will be caught
Just like church bells have rang
He knows soon he will hang

This is his life and his way
How he shall live out his day
Until the day they hang him up high
A highway man until he shall die


copyright Chris Smith 2007

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