Monday, 7 May 2012

From The Madness

From the madness
I saw myself
Deep in darkness
Trying to escape
Out of blackness
Looking for the light

Running from weakness
Only into empty thought
Lost in the bleakness
Which I had made
Hating this deep mess
I find myself in

There is nothing less
But still nothing more
On my knees to confess
All is now long gone
Leaving behind stress
Sanity gone away

copyright Chris Smith 2012

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Rotting Carnations

She sits there alone
Head in her hands
Crying about the past
Of the hurt inside
She feels so alone

He is miles away
Forever being drunk
Lost in a bottle
Never forgiving himself
For what he had done

But there on the window
Long forgotten and neglected
Is a reminder of their love
But now faded and died
A vase of rotting carnations

Copyright Chris Smith 2012

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

That's Something New

Another war being fought
That's nothing new

More hatred being taught
That's nothing new

Racist attacks again
That's nothing new

Elderly man mugged again
That's nothing new

Woman raped today
That's nothing new

Children beaten, gone astray
That's nothing new

Someone smiled and said "Good morning"
That's something new

There is a new love this new morning
That's something new

copyright Chris Smith 2012

Friday, 15 April 2011

Crystal Clear

Open your mind, and listen
Quiet now, a time to hear
Those sounds inside your head
Reaching out, becoming crystal clear

Somewhere the night owl cries
A thousand cats are calling
In a field, a mouse scuttles
Out in galaxies, stars are falling

There are the sound of countless prayers
You can almost hear God replying
There are lovers in so many embraces
Lost in their passionate sighing

At last, you sense your own thoughts
You own words you can hear
Those feelings you need to say
Finally being heard crystal clear

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Music To Me

I am listening to the music
With those memories of you
Of every song that plays
In every tune that I hear
Is heart and music to me

The Rock music now playing
Reminds me of the moves you make
It is the sweet temptation you give
Even with the flick of your hair
That is like music to me

When hearing Rhythm and Blues
It is the sound of passion
The building of our souls together
In the moments of our love
That is like music to me

Classical music belongs to us
Taking us back to another time
Beating from deep within
Romance from times gone before
That is like music to me

And the sound of your voice
Is the most beautiful of all
It is the most precious that plays
That feeling of being one together
It is the purest music to me

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Thursday, 7 April 2011


God took you with him the other day,
But I never got to say goodbye.
No longer will I see your smile,
Or again hear your kind words.

You were a long way from your home,
And now I know you are back there.
Your spirit running free and beautiful,
Your soul still tender and pure.

I wish I had known, but you never said.
You never told us what was wrong,
But the days lead into weeks;
And I realised you wasn't coming back.

Ellen, you never told us you had cancer,
That it was too advanced to save you.
The stomach cancer has taken you now,
But it can never take away your memory.

Never once did you say any cross word,
Your soft voice was always a comfort.
You offered support to all who knew you,
Always the best friend to everyone.

They too you far too soon, my friend.
You were only fifty years old, still young.
There is a place for you, always in my heart,
Go in peace for now you dance with Angels.

copyright Chris Smith 2011

Monday, 4 April 2011

Don't Blame Me

The World has gone straight to Hell.
Everything keeps on falling apart.
There is some new crisis in the East.
Friend is battling against friend.

Don't blame me.

The government are still making cuts.
National debt continues to be on the rise.
People are finding they are losing their homes.
Eviction is staying on the increase.

Don't blame me.

Crime is in a spiral and out of control.
Women are being targeted for sex attacks.
Each religion is blaming the other one.
No future for the children of today.

Don't blame me.

The media are telling even more lies.
Starvation is becoming the new diet.
Nobody cares about their fellow man.
Because there are no souls found anywhere.

Don't blame me.

You see, darling, everything is in a mess.
Our problems really are just too small.
I hold these hands up because I need you.
We have to be as one, all we have are each other.

I love you, for that don't blame me.

copyright Chris Smith 2011