Thursday, 7 April 2011


God took you with him the other day,
But I never got to say goodbye.
No longer will I see your smile,
Or again hear your kind words.

You were a long way from your home,
And now I know you are back there.
Your spirit running free and beautiful,
Your soul still tender and pure.

I wish I had known, but you never said.
You never told us what was wrong,
But the days lead into weeks;
And I realised you wasn't coming back.

Ellen, you never told us you had cancer,
That it was too advanced to save you.
The stomach cancer has taken you now,
But it can never take away your memory.

Never once did you say any cross word,
Your soft voice was always a comfort.
You offered support to all who knew you,
Always the best friend to everyone.

They too you far too soon, my friend.
You were only fifty years old, still young.
There is a place for you, always in my heart,
Go in peace for now you dance with Angels.

copyright Chris Smith 2011

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