Saturday, 19 March 2011

Be Safe

Of all these times of trouble
Of when this world is screaming
Of those moments we face fear
Of friends needing our support

Be safe

Of the healing yet to come
Of the tears now being shed
Of the children all alone
Of those we loved and have lost

Be safe

Of the times you supported me
Of all my words you have read
Of the blessings I send to you
Of this heart that goes out your way

Be safe

I care and you are in my thoughts

copyright Chris smith 2011

(for my friends in Japan, please be safe)

Friday, 18 March 2011

Forever Walk

Each day, it seems to be the same
The hours colliding as if one
Stretching out without any end
As if time has suddenly stopped

Alas, these poor and weary feet
They seemed to have walked miles
This seems to be an endless destination
Like walking forever in some circle

I am not alone in this forever walk
Of the same tasks, day after day
Someone has to face what comes
For Hospitals, they never stop, never sleep.

copyright Chris Smith 2011