Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A Sign

He asks his Lord to forgive
A preacher with a life to live
Somewhere his faith is lost
His religion has been tossed

How long can he preach in a world so wrong
A long time ago his belief was still strong
But as time passed he would then find
The true evil that lies behind man kind

Wonders this horror he sees, would any God allow
With so much death and destruction happening now
All that he wants is a sign that his God is out there
Show him what he believes in is still fair

So an Angel came to see him one rainy night
Told him that sometimes when nothing is right
The Lord is watching for the perfect day
Where He will then strip all the darkness away

Even though this may not happen for a long time
On this day, down from Heaven God shall climb
He will come and protect those who are just like you
And he will help this world begin again, anew

And the preacher had words he needed to be said
Would it be better if this was done now, instead
For surely, up in Heaven, our God really must know
That on every passing day Evil continues to grow

Nothing will stop me from still worshipping my God
I will still tell people to always follow our Lord
But Heaven can never see all the troubles down here
So many that go hungry and so many living in fear

But knowing he is there is what really guides me
Knowing that when I die my soul will float forever free
But if Heaven is up there, down here must be Hell
For if God is waiting for us then the Devil must be as well

copyright Chris Smith 2005

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