Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A Poet

I think back to those gone before
Who laid the foundations for us
Of the different styles written
How they were masters of their art
And the frustration they suffered

For a poet writes as a solitary soul
Sharing their self with the reading world
They undress their minds naked before you
Baring every emotion that comes screaming out

Their pen writes and bleeds the poet inside
Sometimes he ink flows like tears of distress
Each word, each poem comes from deep inside
From the happiest times down to the darkest moods
Wanting to be released and they can never be free

Each poem we write, we write it just for you
Stories untold, hearts broken, loves found and more
This is our gift that we want to share with you all
It is the art we love and we can never stop if we try
Every poem you read is a crafted piece of purest art

There are new poets being born with every passing day
New poems touching new hearts at every moment
From The Raven and She Walks In Beauty of classics
There are new ones to be born such as Natures Visionist

And poetry may sometimes fade but will never die
It will raise up and be reborn like a Phoenix from the ashes

copyright Chris Smith 2009

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