Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A Reason To Live

This is a poem written by Chris Smith and Eileen McGreevy

I see you on a cloud of purity,
As we become two lovers in a sky of blue.
I see these hearts always beating together.
They beat in rhythym in eternal bliss.
They are our gift, for each other.

If light was what i had before,
then my love, this light is blinding.
A life of union we will embrace,
and our love forever binding.

You have saved my soul from hell.
Each day is a golden release of life.
To live and know you are always there.
Your smile, your laugh fills me with joy.
Once again I can embrace the hope.

That sweet redemption given,
dragging back from horrid depths,
you take me straight to heaven,
you know how hard i've wept

You found me when all was lost.
Showed me my missing piece.
You rescued me when all was gone.
Took me into the arms of safety.
You gave me me a reason to live.

copyright Chris Smith/Eileen McGreevy 2009

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