Saturday, 30 October 2010

All At Peace

A singer and a man of peace

Lived in peace with Yoko, his wife

John Lennon still lives on in music

Even when a bullet took his life

George Harrison, a man of love

Like John he believed in hope

For a world of peace and of joy

Now he is gone, will the world cope?

Martin Luther King believed in man

He believed in all of the people

Be they black or be they white

To him everyone was always equal

She was a mother to all of us

But now our Teressa is gone

But we will never forget her

Our faith will always be strong

An actor who could never hurt anyone

With action he was always free

An idol still seen in his films

Who can forget a hero called Bruce Lee

And the list carries on

They  now all sit in the hand of God

Leaving behind memories we will never forget

Now all at peace with their Lord

copyright Chris Smith 2007

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