Thursday, 28 October 2010

A Walk In The Park

The boy was walking with his father
Enjoying a walk through the park
He held his father's hand for safety
For his father was there to protect him
But the boy had some quesitions to say
So he looked up toward his father and said

"I believe in the heroes in comic books"
"That they save the day from villains"
"I believe God smiles down on us"
"And he keeps this world from any harm"
"I believe there are no real monsters to find"
"Because you are my father and I love you"

The father smiled down to his son
He rubbed the boy's head and the father thought
What could he say to his child the way things were
In this world where nothing was ever black and white
The father held back the tears and kept the truth away
He said "I love you too, my son", and would never say

"You believe in heroes that are from only a fantasy"
"Because real heroes are dying for us every single day"
"God may see us but we need to be able to see Him"
"Because all we ever see is the work of Hell on Earth"
"There are monsters all around us, we created them"
"That is the curse of mankind, I will love and protect you"

copyright Chris Smith 2009

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