Wednesday, 27 October 2010

A Trip To Mars

I am going to take a trip to Mars
And I am going to face my battle scars
I am going to dance a Tango on the sea
Then invite a seagull for a cup of tea

I will share a joke with the Kings
And listen as the flower sings
Tickle a tiger to make him smile
Help a tortoise to walk a mile

Watch me jump off a tower and fly
Use a paint brush to colour the sky
Toast my bread upon the sun
Give a pink elephant a chocolate bun

Buy a ticket to the everlasting circus
Learn to conduct the dawn chorus
Wave hello to the hidden sailor
Buy a coat from the multi-coloured tailor

Then I will come knocking upon your door
Kiss you once then kiss you once more
I will swim forever within your eyes
Give you love, that will be no surprise

copyright Chris Smith 2010

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